Ysabel's Daughter has Something New for You!

These past few months, I've been receiving mild and organic products, from Top O Topical Oxygen Supplement to Avene thermale Spring water. That's why when I was invited to Ysabel's daughter new products launching, I literally found time on my busy schedule just to make sure I can witness the debut of their newest products because I'm getting fascinated with mild and organic products lately.

I attended the event with my beauty editor friend, Ms. Princess Angeles. We were amazed by the enchanting venue personalized and arranged by the owner herself just to make sure it has the hint of nature while giving her guests the comfort of their homes.

Foods were served uniformed to their new products so the foods contain ginger and green apple. I was honestly hesitant to eat at first because I'm not a fan of ginger but dude! The foods were really yummy! As in! I even asked for their caterer and to my surprised, they have an in house chef. I love the fish fillet and the dessert. It's like a crepe with caramel sauce, green apples sprinkled with almonds. We also had iced ginger tea as our refresher. We ate lasagna as our main dish and it was a treat because it contains meat and that was the best tasting lasagna I have ever tasted. Ever! It's the recipe of Ms. Coty the owner of Ysabel's daughter.

This is the dessert that I'm talking about. Yum! 😊

Ysabel's daughter celebrates nature. They produce 100% all natural and synthetics-free bath and body products using the finest raw materials from around the globe. One of the main ingredients of all Ysabel's daughter products is honey that comes from their very own backyard bee colony.
So what's the new products of Ysabel's daughter? The owner herself, Ms. Coty and her Nephew which is her business partner introduced and explained to us the newest addition to Ysabel's daughter bath and body line.

Ysabel's Daughter Ginger Face and Body Mist
Ginger has been widely used as a spice for culinary purposes but its history is rooted with its medicinal associations, such as its relief for burnt skin as well as being a cleansing agent. Combined with the beneficial effects of honey, this face and body mist aims to provide a refreshing sensation during each use.

Ysabel's Daughter Green Apple Bar Soap

Green apple is a specific type of apple also known as "Granny Smith cultivar". It is thought to be a mixture between two different species, and it bears numerous benefits for the skin, which includes antioxidants and fibers. These help your skin remain elastic and youthful.

Their new products sounds super interesting and I'm glad because they gave us a sample of their new products so expect my review very soon my #VanityFriends. I can't wait to share it to you guys.

Me and my fellow bloggers and vloggers enjoyed that intimate lunch and bonding with the owner and the whole Ysabel's Daughter team. I have so much to tell about their products but let me continue that on my product review. For now, here are some photos for you:

I'm with the Ysabel's Daughter herself, Ms. Coty.

So there guys! If you wanna know more about Ysabel's Daughter products, you may visit them on the following channels:

Insta: @YsabelsDaughter
Email: ysabelsdaughter@gmail.com

Thank you so much for reading until the end of this article and God bless you my #VanityFriends see you on my next blog love you all! 😙😙

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