VitaPack 4 in 1 Coffee Collagen Review

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As we age, our systems produce less collagen. This usually starts in our mid 20s causing our skin to sag, wrinkle and get dryer. Luckily, there are countless ways to reverse or combat aging. One of the most effective ways is to take collagen supplements.

I know it's sometimes boring to take capsules or tablets and we most of time tend to forget to take those because they weren't included in our daily routine.
How about a collagen in a flavorful cup of coffee? Uyyy.. I know you'll forget to brush your teeth but you'll never forget to take a cup of hot coffee every morning hahaha. See you're smiling because it's true. 😊

VitaPack 4 in 1 Coffee Collagen

VITAPACK 4-in-1 Coffee Collagen is a Collagen powder in a 3-in-1 coffee drink that helps you get glowing, young-looking skin while you take your daily coffee.

Key Ingredients:
• 7000mg of Marine Collagen in a delicious coffee drink with no fishy taste, unlike other collagen drinks.
• L-hydroxyproline to stabilize and keep intact the collagen protein structure for long-lasting younger looking skin.
• Hyaluronic acid to keep moisture in skin.

Where to buy?

How much?
P777.00 (7 SACHETS)

How to prepare? 
Mix 1 sachet of VitaPack 4 in 1 Coffee Collagen to a cup of hot water. Stir and enjoy.

I was once a coffeemaker I mean a coffeeholic hahaha coffeemaker?? 😂😂 However, my doctor advised me to minimize my intake of coffee because of my acid reflux and it also triggers panic attack. Yes, I have panic disorder and I'm fighting it everyday. When I received this VitaPack Collagen Coffee, it makes me sad because as much as I would love to drink this everyday, I'm afraid I can't because of the things mentioned above.

Since my mom is a coffeeholic and a little vain like me (she keep on telling me that I'm more vain than her haha), I gave her the VitaPack 4 in 1 Coffee Collagen. I asked her to take it once a day and she immediately asked if she can take two cups per day and I said yes. I've told her to observe the product and see if it's effective or not. (Gave her 30 sachets)

A week later, she called me to tell that she's loving the coffee so much because according to her, it smells so good and tastes so yummy. After two weeks, I Skyped her and out of nowhere, she opened the topic about the said coffee. She told me that it makes her feel so young and blooming each day. So I asked her if she observed any side effects like palpitations, heartburn or hyperacidity and she answered no. In fact, it makes her bowel movement better.

My mom doesn't have much wrinkles yet but she told me that she looks glowing and younger after finishing 30 sachets of VitaPack 4 in 1 Coffee Collagen. I asked her permission if I can post her picture here but she refused to. So sorry guys hehe my mom is camera-shy. 😂

All in all, I highly recommend VitaPack 4 in 1 Coffee Collagen to you guys. Tho I didn't try it personally, I believe in my moms testimony and I trust her. She's the most frank and honest person I know, I swear! hehe.

You don't need to be old to take collagen supplements, you can start in your mid 20s to maintain that evergreen beauty and wellness.

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Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap Review + Giveaway

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Radish is one of my favorite ingredients of Sinigang (Filipino dish), little did I know, Radish is being used for cosmetics too. Since the building block of radish is water, it keeps our skin hydrated. It makes our skin healthy, glowing, and youthful. Moreover, vitamin C, zinc and phosphorus in radish keep our skin fresh.

Age Defying Solutions introduced us their new product that all radish lovers and beauty enthusiasts will surely enjoy. (Hello to the gorgeous Ms. Aiza if you're reading this. 😊)

Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap


Where to buy?

How much?

Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap is the first Whitening Radish Soap in the Philippines. Le Putih is a cold-processed soap that effectively cleans, lightens skin tone and protect our skin from bacteria without drying. Aside from Radish, Le Putih has Shea Butter, Beta Arbutin, Vitamin C, E Rice and Oats to smoothen and whiten the skin.

Its sweet orange scent leaves my skin feeling and smelling fresh all day. I super love the smell guys, one of the best smelling soaps nowadays. I like that the soap is a cold-processed one because as I am always saying, cold-processed soap is more creamy, it retains the fragrance and the active ingredients can be easily absorbed by our skin. Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap has the ability to create incredible lather to allow a truly luxurious bathing sensation. It feels very gentle on skin because I didn't experience any tingling or stingy sensation even if I'm soaking it for 5 minutes before rinsing. Since it contains a lot of antioxidants and antibacterial properties, it can be safely used by teens or kids. Yes! It's that mild that even kids can use it without harming their immature skin. Wow! I think it's a great replacement to our favorite antibacterial soap. 😊

After finishing 2 bars of Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap, I've noticed a more glowing skin even if I'm in low light or inside my room or house. I knew it's effective because the insect bites I've got on my left arm disappeared faster. My insect bites usually disappear after a month or two. Thanks Le Putih for fading it faster. I just don't like the idea that the product can only be purchased online. I'm hoping to see Le Putih in Mercury Drugstores and leading supermarkets nationwide too for the convenience of all.

What I like:

• Mild (good for sensitive skin)
• Contains natural antioxidants and vitamins
• Has very fine microbeads
• Smells so damn good
• Effective in whitening (not drying)
• Comes from reliable company
• Cold processed  (It doesn't melt easily though)
• Generous amount of bubbles
• Affordable at P120.00 for 135g

What I don't like:
• Not readily available in other establishments
• A little hard to rinse (a little similar to dove but it doesn't have lagkit or sticky feeling)

I highly recommend Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap to everyone because it's  naturally amazing guys. This is not a paid review, Age Defying Solutions gave us some samples to try and it's up to us if we're gonna make a review or not. Since I found the product effective, I want you guys to experience it too. You know how excited I am to share you something worth buying.

Age Defying Solutions sent me some Le Putih to share you guys so I'm having a giveaway on my YouTube Channel. Visit:

Or watch my Vlog here:

Sa wakas, kutis Labanos!

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YouTube Creator Day Manila

by 6:18 PM

YouTube Creator Day
YouTube Creator Day is an opportunity for budding YouTube creators to get together, connect with the community, and share best practices among fellow YouTube creators. Today’s YouTube Creator Day will focus on the Filipino YouTube experience and will also celebrate the talents of Filipino YouTube creators.

YouTube in the Philippines

  • The Philippines loves YouTube: over 55% of YouTube’s watchtime in the Philippines is mobile. This watchtime on mobile is growing by more than 95% year on year.

  • The hours of content uploaded to YouTube in the Philippines grew by over 45% year on year.
  • We launched the YouTube Partner Program in the Philippines in 2013. Since then, the Philippines has seen over 80 channels with over 100,000 subscribers, and 5 channels with over 1 million subscribers.

YouTube Global Statistics
  • YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.
  • Growth in watch time on YouTube has accelerated and is up at least 50% year over year for three straight years.
  • YouTube is localized in 88 countries and can be accessed in 76 different languages, which covers 95% of the world’s internet population.

Resources: YouTube Creator Academy

Find courses and resources online to help you along your Creator Journey: from topics such as making VR videos to making money on YouTube, you’ll find what you need to succeed.

Resources: Creator Services Directory
YouTube’s Creator Services Directory is an easy-to-use online directory of digital video Service Providers.

This directory allows you to explore YouTube’s resources and search for YouTube Certified companies that can help grow your business.

It’s a place for information on service providers that offer rights management, ads optimization, social listening and Content publishing.

Visit our YouTube Support page for more information.

Resources: YouTube Creator Community

The Creator Community is a new platform that allows creators to connect with each other, find collaboration partners and interact with YouTube through our Community Managers.

Anyone with a valid YouTube channel in good standing is invited to be a part of this thriving online community.

 Feel free to watch my VLOG about YouTube Creator Day Manila.

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Foundation for Men: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

by 9:41 PM
I have reviewed a lot of bb creams from different brands so it's not a secret that I love putting on something on my face to make me look better. I always tell you guys that makeup is for men too and there's really nothing wrong with that.

Today is a special day because I will give you my first ever liquid foundation review. I mean I've tried a lot of liquid foundations before but it will be my first time to share you my experience of using one so let's get started baby!


Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

I've got the shade 01. Don't judge me I know it's the lightest shade but I'm mixing it with B2 to get my perfect shade. I want it to be exactly the shade of my skin. It comes in 7 different shades though.

Where to buy?

How much?
P499.00 (30ml)

I know there are many reviews about it already by our favorite beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts but allow me to tell you how it works in men's skin. I have many male readers who love putting on foundation too and for the girls also who keep on sweating like a men's skin this will be very beneficial to you as I have a very oily skin too. Relate much? 😂

The product claims that it gives a satin-finish skin and I couldn't agree more. Boys! This is the perfect foundation for us because it's like a second skin. Yeah! It gives a very natural look (not matte and definitely not dewy) as if you're wearing your own skin so it looks like you're wearing nothing when in fact, you're wearing Maybelline. How cool is that? 😊☝💪
Look at this:
With Maybelline Dream Satin alone/window lighting

I always apply the product using my flat top Kabuki foundation brush because it gives me more natural finish and the application itself is a no brainer because the product is very easy to blend. It has a medium coverage but you can go for full by adding additional layer. In my case, one layer is enough because I still want my face to be very natural looking if possible and Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation just does that.

Most of the time, I'm not setting this foundation with powder because I am so in love with the finish of the product alone on my face and I don't want to destroy the look by puffing on some powder. It is not sticky or heavy. To be honest guys, it lasts even if I don't set it with powder. It has a nice oil control and lasting power that every men and women will love. I noticed my face started to oil up after 4 hours which is not really bad at all because as I've said, I didn't set it with powder. Can you imagine its lasting power when you put on primer plus setting spray or powder? I can visualize forever now. Lol. 😂

Aside from the above mentioned things, what I love the most about this product is it looks good on photography. This is really like a filter on your selfie camera because it blurs out pores and gives you smooth very flawless and radiant looking skin on the camera. It sounds crazy but it's true. It's a perfect foundation to use for pictorials and selfies. I always use this product if my event requires more pictures and selfies or if I have pictorials (lakas maka model nung if I have pictorials haha.) Look:

I'm with the gorgeous Saytioco! Parehong plakado ang funda haha. Not obvious though.

I take extra care handling the product because the packaging is made out of glass. Though it's a thick glass, it's still vulnerable specially for clumsy person like me haha. I don't really know if I like it glass or not because to be honest, it looks sosyal dahil sa pa-glass packaging ni Mayor haha charot!

Things I like:
• True to its claims
• Good oil control
• Satin skin finish (Jaw dropping)
• Nice coverage
• Perfect for selfies
• It didn't cause me breakout
• Lightweight
• Lasting power
• It has a pump (hygienic)
• SPF 24 PA +++

What I don't like:
• Vulnerable
• A little pricey (reasonable with its quality though)

All in all, I highly recommend Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation specially for men looking for a perfect foundation to use for their everyday routine or for special occasions. It's really a secret weapon to look extra gwapo or maganda in the office without making it obvious that you're wearing something. Just wear your smile with it to make it look more natural. Another great tip is to find the shade that matches your skin tone exactly. 😊

How about you? What's your favorite foundation? Have you tried Dream Satin already? Feel free to leave a comment below. 😊❤👍👍

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The Journey to the Crown: A Celebration of Beauty premieres exclusively on etc

by 3:16 PM
Right at the start of our consciousness, a beauty pageant always means the holy grail of all pageants—The Miss Universe crown. It is deeply embedded in our culture, a much-anticipated event and a source of inspiration for every aspirational Filipino.

As etc champions every Filipina beauty, it premieres The Journey to the Crown: A Celebration of Beauty, a 10-episode reality-documentary show that brings to fore our passion for beauty pageants. Hosted by 2010 Miss Universe 4th Runner-up Venus Raj and 2011 Miss Universe 3rd Runner-up Shamcey Supsup-Lee, the weekly program will showcase the odyssey that leads to fame and glory.

The Journey to the Crown: A Celebration of Beauty airs on etc every Sunday at 7:30 PM.  Don’t miss out and join the conversation at #MsU2016onETC.

For more updates, log on and check out etc on, on Twitter and Instagram via @etc_channel. 

About etc

etc is the Philippines' TV destination for the fun, fierce, and stylish Filipina. Catch us on UHF channel 21, Sky Cable channel 16, Destiny Digital channel 16, Global Destiny channel 28, Cignal channel 9, or Cablelink channel 34.  You can also livestream ETC via

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8 Things to Know about Google Duo

by 1:03 PM

Video calling is the next best thing to being in person, but it can often be too complex. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether you’re on Wi-Fi, or not, or if your friend is using the same type of device as you are. Google created Duo to be a simple one-to-one video calling app that brings you face to face with everyone you care about.

A video calling app for everyone: Duo is a mobile-only app available for Android and iOS devices.

Phone-number based: Duo is based on your phone number, so you can reach everyone in your phonebook without creating an account.

Knock Knock feature: With Knock Knock, you can see a live video preview of the person calling you, and why they’re calling, before you even pick up. Knock Knock only works with people in your contact list, and can be turned off.

Wi-Fi and cellular calling: Duo seamlessly transitions between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, so you can start a call on one network, and switch to another without dropping your call.

1:1 video calling: Duo is focused on 1:1 video calling, rather than group calling.

Lightning fast video: We optimized every aspect of a video call, so that calls connect faster than most other video calling apps and audio and video stays in sync, even on slower networks.

Built to handle slower networks: Works well on slower networks, such as those in emerging markets, and can degrade gracefully to 2G.

Secure: All calls are end-to-end encrypted.

Here are a few features to try when you’re testing out Duo:

• Wi-Fi/cellular handoff: Start a call on Wi-Fi and switch to a cellular network (try starting a call on your home Wi-Fi and then disable Wi-Fi in settings)

• Performance on varying qualities of networks: Place a call while you’re traveling (passenger of a car, on a train) to see how Duo performs on inconsistent cellular connection

• Knock Knock: Receive an incoming call with Knock Knock turned on (default setting) to see live video preview of other caller. Preview will show for max 30 seconds before call disconnects or you pick-up. Note - Knock Knock currently only works on the lock screen for incoming calls on Android devices.

• Cross-platform: Call an iOS device from an Android device, and vice versa.

With my fellow bloggers

I personally enjoyed using Google Duo and have it installed on my smartphone. Try Google Duo now and experience video calling in the next level. 😊☝

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GMA Network Secures Dominant Position in Nationwide Ratings

by 2:37 PM
GMA Network strengthened its lead in the race for nationwide ratings supremacy, based on data from the industry’s widely trusted ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

For the period October 1 to 31 (with October 23 to 31 based on overnight data), GMA continued to lead competition in NUTAM with a 37.4 percent average household audience share, ahead of ABS-CBN’s 35.6 percent by 1.8 points.

GMA scored top ratings across all dayparts in NUTAM, including primetime due to the consistently strong performance of its programs on this hotly contested block.

Six of the ten most watched programs in NUTAM belonged to GMA with Encantadia, the 2016 version of the well-loved Kapuso telefantasya emerging as the highest-rating Kapuso show nationwide and I am honestly an Encantadic. 😂

Completing the list of GMA programs in the top 10 are flagship newscast 24 Oras, top-rating comedy program Pepito Manaloto,multi-awarded news magazine program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, primetime series Alyas Robinhood, and weekly drama anthology Magpakailanman.

Meanwhile, the Kapuso Network also furthered its leadership position in Urban Luzon, which accounts for 77 percent of all urban households in the country.

In Urban Luzon, GMA won across all dayparts and registered an average household share of 41.9 percent, while ABS-CBN posted only 31.3 percent, which is 10.6 points behind GMA’s total day average.

More programs from GMA also occupied the list of top shows in Urban Luzon. Encantadia kept its winning streak and took the top spot over-all in this particular area.

As the leading ratings service provider, Nielsen TV Audience Measurement service boasts a total of 31 clients/subscribers including 8 local TV networks, 4 regional clients, 2 blocktimers, and 17 media agencies.

GMA subscribes to Nielsen along with TV5 and Aksyon TV, CNN Philippines, Net 25, Ebiquity-Faulkner CBN Asia and TAPE Inc., and major advertising and media agencies such as Dentsu Aegis Network (Carat, Mediaforce Vizeum, Dentsu), GroupM (Mediacom, Mindshare, MEC and Maxus), Omnicom Media Group (OMD, PHD and M2M), Zenith Optimedia, and Starcom Mediavest. (30)

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