Eau Thermale Avène's Skin Recovery Cream Review

Hello my #VanityFriends! I'm back with another review. My face has improved a lot since I started using Top O oxygen water. I am now a believer of mild and organic products. Luckily, I was invited when Avène unveiled their newest product called Avène's Recovery Cream. First off, this isn't a sponsored review. They gave us some loot bags including their newest product without asking for review or something. I just wanna share (like I always do)my experience using their products.

Avène's Skin Recovery Cream

Rapidly calms irritations and gives long-lasting protection to naturally sensitive skin or skin that has become irritable. Formulated in accordance with the Sterile Cosmetics Charter: Preservative-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Alcohol-free.

The Skin Recovery Cream contains parcerine, the new active, which acts at the source of skin intolerance by acting against irritation and alteration of the skin barrier.


Where to buy?
Select Avène kiosks (Click here to locate)

How much?
P1,155 (50ml)

What I like the most about this product is the genius packaging. Look how hygienic it is to squeeze the product out of the tube:

The science behind this packaging is brilliant. They sealed the product airtight and when you squeeze out some, nothing will come back in. You're assured that the remaining product inside will remain untouched and not contaminated.

You all know that I have a sensitive skin that's why Avène is perfect for me because it's so mild that even those who have hypersensitive skin can use it. Let me tell you a quick story that  I've heard about Avène. There's a wounded horse who took a bath on a spring water for couples of days and the horse ended up getting its skin back. Healed and renewed. From then on, people with skin diseases such us eczema, psoriasis and so on are being asked to bath on the spring water. They then produced Eau Thermale Avène products to deliver miracle to those who cannot go and bath to the said miraculous spring water.

That's a very nice story isn't it? Ok let's go back to my review. The product doesn't have a smell at all which is very good and I like how it makes my skin hydrated every application. I just don't like the sticky and heavy feeling it gives. It disappears after few minutes though. When I wake in the morning, my skin looks fresh and glowing. I can still see my dark spots but no redness at all. You know the feeling that even if you have many dark spots, you look flawless? I don't know but that's how I see my face every morning when I use Avène's Skin Recovery Cream at night. Yes I use it every night before going to bed since it's malagkit nga.

You know what guys, it really heals my skin. As in! I am giving you my word again, this product really works. The tiny bumps on my jawline were gone and so the redness too. I also get pimples rarely. No more kumpol-kumpol, sunod-sunod kainis pimples haha. I am also using their spring water spray during day time after washing my face with Zenutrient's Aloe and Calendula facial cleanser. I'll make a separate review for that. Their Avène's Thermale spring water spray (P530 per 50ml) is so refreshing and it makes my skin look healthy and hydrated the whole day.

What I like:
• Mild
• It works (miracles are true)
• True to their claims
• It makes me look healthy
• Hygienic
• Helps fight acne
• Hydrating
• Reduced the redness on my face

What I don't like:
• Expensive (reasonable though)
• Hard to find  (Not readily available nationwide)
• A little heavy upon application
• It didn't make my dark spots lighter

I emptied the Thermale Spring water already and have two to three squeezes of Skin Recovery Cream left. So far they're so good!

You can watch my FB live wherein I showed my bare face by clicking here. You can see there how it lessened my pimples and took away the redness of my face.

All in all, I highly recommend Avène's Skin Recovery Cream and Thermale Spring Water. They work amazingly specially if you have hypersensitive skin. I'm giving you my word to these products. They also have other products that I want to try. I know you have different skin needs that they surely can cater. I'll let you guys know soon.

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