Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap Review + Giveaway

Radish is one of my favorite ingredients of Sinigang (Filipino dish), little did I know, Radish is being used for cosmetics too. Since the building block of radish is water, it keeps our skin hydrated. It makes our skin healthy, glowing, and youthful. Moreover, vitamin C, zinc and phosphorus in radish keep our skin fresh.

Age Defying Solutions introduced us their new product that all radish lovers and beauty enthusiasts will surely enjoy. (Hello to the gorgeous Ms. Aiza if you're reading this. 😊)

Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap


Where to buy?

How much?

Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap is the first Whitening Radish Soap in the Philippines. Le Putih is a cold-processed soap that effectively cleans, lightens skin tone and protect our skin from bacteria without drying. Aside from Radish, Le Putih has Shea Butter, Beta Arbutin, Vitamin C, E Rice and Oats to smoothen and whiten the skin.

Its sweet orange scent leaves my skin feeling and smelling fresh all day. I super love the smell guys, one of the best smelling soaps nowadays. I like that the soap is a cold-processed one because as I am always saying, cold-processed soap is more creamy, it retains the fragrance and the active ingredients can be easily absorbed by our skin. Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap has the ability to create incredible lather to allow a truly luxurious bathing sensation. It feels very gentle on skin because I didn't experience any tingling or stingy sensation even if I'm soaking it for 5 minutes before rinsing. Since it contains a lot of antioxidants and antibacterial properties, it can be safely used by teens or kids. Yes! It's that mild that even kids can use it without harming their immature skin. Wow! I think it's a great replacement to our favorite antibacterial soap. 😊

After finishing 2 bars of Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap, I've noticed a more glowing skin even if I'm in low light or inside my room or house. I knew it's effective because the insect bites I've got on my left arm disappeared faster. My insect bites usually disappear after a month or two. Thanks Le Putih for fading it faster. I just don't like the idea that the product can only be purchased online. I'm hoping to see Le Putih in Mercury Drugstores and leading supermarkets nationwide too for the convenience of all.

What I like:

• Mild (good for sensitive skin)
• Contains natural antioxidants and vitamins
• Has very fine microbeads
• Smells so damn good
• Effective in whitening (not drying)
• Comes from reliable company
• Cold processed  (It doesn't melt easily though)
• Generous amount of bubbles
• Affordable at P120.00 for 135g

What I don't like:
• Not readily available in other establishments
• A little hard to rinse (a little similar to dove but it doesn't have lagkit or sticky feeling)

I highly recommend Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap to everyone because it's  naturally amazing guys. This is not a paid review, Age Defying Solutions gave us some samples to try and it's up to us if we're gonna make a review or not. Since I found the product effective, I want you guys to experience it too. You know how excited I am to share you something worth buying.

Age Defying Solutions sent me some Le Putih to share you guys so I'm having a giveaway on my YouTube Channel. Visit: https://www.youtube.com/c/vanityroomph.

Or watch my Vlog here:

Sa wakas, kutis Labanos!

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