Althea Launches Althea App to Make Shopping Easy

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Southeast Asia’s leading platform for all things K-Beauty Althea launches their long awaited mobile app for customers to shop on the go. Althea customers are given an exclusive promotional code to use for their first purchase made using the mobile application.

Kuala Lumpur, 15 December 2016 – ​Althea unveiled their highly-anticipated mobile application, capping off a successful year for Southeast Asia’s No.1 K-Beauty destination. This year alone, Althea expanded to 3 new countries (Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand) after Malaysia and Singapore in 2015. The newly launched mobile application will be available on both iOS and Android systems.

Althea’s mobile application not only allows the consumer the convenience of shopping anywhere with just a few taps, but have also added features such as being able to follow their favorite brands, and adding items to their wish list by tapping the heart button above the product. This allows the consumer to get the latest updates on new arrivals, sales and current promotions as well as get recommendations based on the products they like or have previously purchased. The application is also aesthetically appealing with easy browsing of products and brands, showcasing a clean and simple-to-understand interface that allows customers to make purchases in a quick and easy fashion while keeping up to date with the latest and best of K-Beauty from South Korea.

Althea’s CFO, Jae Kim commented: "The Althea mobile app is part of our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with the easiest and most convenient way to browse, discover, and shop for their favorite K-Beauty products. The app is specifically designed to be fast, simple, and easy to navigate. Through this, we hope to cater to the increasingly on-the-go lifestyles of our users so they can shop any time, anywhere. In the near future, we will introduce new and exciting features such as personalized recommendations, video and other high-quality content, and unique social interaction.”

Althea App is available in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. In conjunction with the launch of their app, Althea will be giving out an exclusive promotional code for customers to use on their first app purchase. For Philippines, the code is MOBFIRST300 to discount P300 off a minimum of P1000 purchase. Terms and conditions apply. Visit to know more. :)

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Adobomall’s Holiday Sale

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Adobomall, the Philippines’ first online shopping mall, will be hosting its holiday sale on Decemeber 16-21.

Partnering directly with brands, the virtual mall has different categories from active lifestyle, to babies and toddlers, to restaurants and even dog food! Adobomall now has three floors in its platform and counting! Its partnered merchants will be preparing special promotions, unique from one another, giving each of its shoppers a surprise with every purchase.

Shopping has never been easier and more convenient. With Adobomall’s commitement of fast delivery, and secure payment system, your gift buying and shopping will be stress and worry free! No long lines and hassle parking problems! As you count down the days till Christmas, add to the excitement as your browse through Adobomall’s holiday themed site.

Don’t forget to share and review your real online shopping experience with adobomall on your social media pages!

Stay tuned to Adobomall’s Hour Holiday sale on December 16-21 for your Christmas needs and wants.

Check out Adobomall at:

Like them on Facebook at
Instagram: @adobomall

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Everesh White Ex Review

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Just like what I've said on my previous review (Meiji Amino Collagen "Click here"), I am also taking a whitening supplement along with Meiji. As promised, here's my detailed review about it my #VanityFriends because I love you to the moon and to the moon only haha joke! I love you to the moon and back! ❤

Everesh White Ex Review

This supplement aims to boost the production of glutathione in our system and suppress the effects of melanin while giving our skin a healthy glow.

L cysteine 240mg, Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin E 50mg.

6 tablets daily 3 divided dosage before or after meals (2 Tablets 3x a day)

Where to buy? (Will make a store review plus unboxing soon so stay tuned for that).

How much?
P1,400 per 1 bottle of 180 tablets

I was really skeptical to try it when I saw that this was included in the package because of its look. It looks like a medicine more than a supplement. I know I'm being judgemental again but it really does look like a medicine and I was really afraid to try it so I made my research first. Finally I gave it a shot!

I felt so guilty judging the product by its look and packaging but you cannot blame me, it's a supplement and I just wanna make sure it's safe. Everything (90%) of the packaging is written in Japanese chorva haha. According to my research, it's safe and authentic so my worries were concealed by my excitement.

I thought it's a glutathione supplement but I was wrong because there's no glutathione in the ingredients. So how can this supplement give me a whiter skin? The answer? Because it has no glutathione but! It has Vitamin C, that prevents the production of "black" melanin responsible for hyperpigmentation and darkening. It also boost the production of the natural glutathione in our body. Everesh White Ex also contains L-cysteine. It works to suppress the effects of melanin, which causes spots, freckles, and uneven skin tone. It also counters production of undesired melanin due to lack of sleep, improper health habits, stress and UV rays. L-cysteine also enhances the production of proteins, glutathione, taurine, coenzyme A and other inorganic sulfates in the body. Lastly, it contains Vitamin E that improves blood circulation and promote the skin's healthy metabolism.

So this is some sort of booster? I bet yes! It helps in boosting the production of the natural glutathione of our bodies and I can feel that! As I've said on my previous post, I received some compliments that I have a nice skin bla bla bla and the only two supplements I'm taking now is the Meiji Amino Premium Collagen Powder and this Everesh White Ex.

I noticed that my skin has this fresh look everyday and my partner said that I'm getting whiter specifically my limbs. I also noticed that personally and I've discovered the secret what makes the product more effective. According to my friend who's a Licensed Pharmacist, it's better to take glutathione or other supplements in small dosages multiple times a day than taking it all at once because not all of it will be absorbed by the body. Say you took 1000mg of glutathione, probably only 250mg will be possibly absorbed by our system and the remaining 750mg will be waisted. So if you take small dosages 3 times a day, you'll get continues supply of whatever supplement you're taking the whole day.

That information is gold! No wonder this Everesh White Ex delivers great results. I didn't experience breakouts but I am sometimes experiencing super mild acidity so I am taking it after meals.

Look at my most recent pictures:

Not ready picture with Jacqy Raj

With my gorgeous friend, Say Tioco! 😊❤

What I like:
• Effective
• Comes from a trusted store (
• No breakouts
• No burning throat/palpitations/heartburns
• Affordable
• Japan Made
• Makes me look glowing
• Divided dosage
• Skin and health benefits

What I don't like:
• Tablets are too little and hard to handle because you might misplaced one.
• Packaging has no English translation
• Gives me mild acidity
• Glass bottle (vulnerable for a clumsy person like me. 😂)
• I sometimes forget to take because the dosage is divided haha this one's a pro and con.  😂

All in all, I recommend taking Everesh White Ex if you're looking for a supplement to give you a whiter skin while keeping you healthy. It's effective in skin whitening at least from what I've noticed. You might want to consider this one if you're currently in a hunt for the next supplement to try. Don't just rely on this review alone, make your research or consult your doctor if you're under medication or what not. Take this review as a guide not a pattern. Take it with a pinch of salt. 😊

PS. I'll make a video blog about how convenient and safe it is to order at so stay tuned for that my loves. 😊❤😙

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Meiji Amino Premium Collagen Review

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Lately, I've been receiving some compliments that I have a nice glowing skin. It really makes me kilig to the cheek bones hahaha. I mean who wouldn't smile from ear to ear when someone tells you that you have a nice skin right? Aside from the whitening soaps and lotions that I've recently featured here, I am also taking supplements from Japan called White Ex (will make a separate review) and:

Meiji Amino Premium Collagen

To meet the needs of those who wish to attain evolving beauty, this powder targets new heights in beauty. With 5,000 mg of low-molecular fish collagen, a daily dose of Amino Collagen also contains 1,200 µg of ceramide (a notable beauty ingredient), 20 mg of hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10 (a source of vitality, beauty and youthfulness). Each dose of powder also contains 450 mg of arginine, an amino acid (containing an Amino Collagen building block); 60 mg of glucosamine; and 50 mg of vitamin C. Amino Collagen comes in an easy-to-drink, fast-dissolving powder formula.

fish collagen peptide (gelatin), maltodextrin, vegetable oil, coenzyme Q10, ceramide-containing extract from rice germ, trehalose, vitamin C, glucosamine, arginine, flavor, hyaluronic acid, emulsifying agent (including soybeans), thickening agent (gum arabic), sweetener (sucralose).

Where to buy?
Instagram: @cheskasstore

How much?

First of all, it has no fishy taste even if it's made out of marine collagen. It has fishy aftertaste yes, but that's when you drink it pure so what I'm doing is I'm mixing one spoonful of this Meiji Amino Premium Collagen to my juice or hot chocolate in the morning and you'll definitely can't tell that there's a marine collagen in your beverage. Since I've got the one in pouch, I transferred the product into this cute food storage:

One pouch is good for almost one month and by that time, I saw visible results after 3 weeks of taking this baby fish haha. I noticed that my nails got thicker and my hair grows faster than usual. I usually get a haircut every two or three weeks but meiji changed that routine into every week. Apart from that, my skin is getting softer and it feels lighter and smooth like baby's skin. My partner even said that my limbs are getting more makinis. 😊❤ I'd like to show you some pictures of mine:

Under yellow lighting | No Makeup

No Makeup

Under natural window lights | With Princess and Jacqy

I didn't notice if it helps in reducing the appearance of visible pores because I'm using dermroller at the same time but I think it does help because it's collagen that helps our skin recover from being wounded which what dermroller is doing. I didn't experience any side effects like acidity, palpitations, heartburn etc.

I think what makes this product special apart from it's so popular in Japan that even my pinay friends there are aware of it is the selection of added ingredients. Co Q10, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid are some of special added ingredients that boosts the efficacy of Meiji and the way our skin and body absorb the product. Probably one of the reasons why I didn't experience any side effects is that, my body is used to having fish. I love eating fish and Meiji Collagen is made out of fish and some vitamins. There are some collagen that are made out of horse and it's very rare for human to eat horse so it's really a foreign think in our digestive system which is why some are experiencing discomforts.

What I like:
• Effective
• Well known company
• Made out of Marine Collagen
• No taste (When mixed with other beverages)
• No side effects
• Loaded with boosters (other ingredients)

What I don't like:
• Smells fish (very light)
• There's a fish aftertaste  (when taken pure)
• A little pricey (Though you'll get what you pay)
• Not readily available in the supermarket
• No English translation of the details on the packaging

All in all, I highly recommend Meiji Amino Premium Collagen to you guys. It's really an effective supplement and you know how honest and meticulous I am when reviewing things like this. I also wanna recommend because they sell authentic Meiji Collagen and other products and they have the lowest price in the Philippine market today so visit their online store now. I love shopping at even before when I'm still a student.

This is a sponsored review. sent me the product for review. Regardless, I only give honest feedback based on my reviews and observations about the product. You deserve to know that truth and nothing but the absolute truth. What's good for me may not be good for you so take this review as a guide not as a pattern. Take it with a pinch of salt. 😊

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Celebrating Pinoy talent on YouTube Rewind

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YouTube names top trending videos among Filipinos for 2016

(Manila Philippines, December 8, 2016) YouTube released the top trending videos among Filipinos for 2016 with song covers of Filipino artists dominating the music video category. Topping the list is the lyric video of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey while nine slots were taken by Pinoys.

Philippines: Top Trending YouTube Videos (music)
1. The Chainsmokers - Closer (Lyric) ft. Halsey - The lyric video of this song by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey has gained the attention of millions of Filipinos this year on YouTube. The sing-along video shows a couple remembering the good times that they’ve had together.
2. Secret Love Song (Live Cover) by Kristel Fulgar ft. CJ Navato – Kristel Fulgar, together with her Goin’ Bulilit co-star CJ Navato, gives a soulful rendition to this heartbreaking song for secret lovers. The song, originally sung by British girl group Little Mix with Jason Derulo, reached the top of the Philippines’ music chart on June 2016. Fulgar also became a trending topic earlier this year for her cover of “Love Yourself”, which went viral hours after it was uploaded.
3. Morissette covers "Secret Love Song" (Little Mix) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus –The Voice of the Philippines finalist Morissette Amon’s rendition of Little Mix’s hit song garnered two million views in less than two weeks after it was uploaded on Wish FM’s YouTube channel—one of the fastest among WISHclusive videos to hit the million mark. Amon, the recipient of Wish Female Artist of the Year, has previously done her own rendition of songs “Chandelier” and “Against All Odds”.
4. Dolce Amore OST -Your Love by Juris Fernandez (with HD Lyrics) – Juris Fernandez’s version of the 90’s hit, “Your Love”, was the opening theme of ABS-CBN’s top-rating teleserye, Dolce Amore.
5. Tuloy Pa Rin (Cover) - Neocolours – Inspired by McDonald’s TVC about welcoming change for the better, Ysabelle Cuevas made an acoustic rendition of the ad’s theme song, “Tuloy pa Rin”. A major throwback to the 90’s hit by Neocolours, Cuevas’ “Tuloy Pa Rin” video went viral after she shared it on her social media channels.
6. James Reid - Randomantic [Official Music Video] – The music video that features a compilation of James Reid and Nadine Lustre has tickled the hearts of the real life couple’s fans. The video, which is especially dedicated to their fans, shows the couple’s sweet moments while being candid in front of the camera.
7. Bailey May and Ylona Garcia - O Pag-ibig (Official Music Video) – A song for the people bitten by the love bug, PBB Teen Housemates Ylona Garcia and Bailey May’s interpretation of “O Pag-ibig” was one of the finalists of Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2016. The music video shows the duo’s cute and playful side that matches its summer vibe concept. The tandem’s video was also hailed as the Best Music Video during the awards night.
8. This Time [Official Lyric Video] James Reid & Nadine Lustre - The sing-along video of James Reid and Nadine Lustre is also the official theme song of their movie entitled “This Time”. The song is the couple’s rendition of this 2000’s smash hit by the famous OPM band, Freestyle.
9. Yeng Constantino - Paasa T.A.N.G.A. (Official Music Video) - Pop Rock Princess Yeng Constantino catches the attention of hopeless romantics as she sings about the pitfalls of being a fool in love in this quirky video. The music video is the longer version of an impromptu song performed by Constantino during her first digital concert.
10. Jona - Maghihintay Ako (Official Recording Session with Lyrics) - The music video shows Jona’s exceptional vocals as she interprets the song “Maghihintay Ako” which was also a finalist of the Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2016 competition. The song was also nominated for the  Song of the Year during the PMPC Star Awards for Music.

Topping the non-music list is the viral song “PPAP”, also known as “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”, by Pikotaro. The music video features the comedian while he’s singing, dancing around and gesturing at the items in the song.

Homegrown talent also resonates in the non-music list taking two slots out of ten. The Voice Kids contestant Ian Joseph’s blind auditions video and Pilipinas Got Talent’s Power Duo audition video clinched the third and fifth spot respectively.

 Philippines: Top Trending YouTube Videos (non-music)

Visit the YouTube Rewind Channel for the videos and channels that Pinoys checked out the most.

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