Meiji Amino Premium Collagen Review

Lately, I've been receiving some compliments that I have a nice glowing skin. It really makes me kilig to the cheek bones hahaha. I mean who wouldn't smile from ear to ear when someone tells you that you have a nice skin right? Aside from the whitening soaps and lotions that I've recently featured here, I am also taking supplements from Japan called White Ex (will make a separate review) and:

Meiji Amino Premium Collagen

To meet the needs of those who wish to attain evolving beauty, this powder targets new heights in beauty. With 5,000 mg of low-molecular fish collagen, a daily dose of Amino Collagen also contains 1,200 µg of ceramide (a notable beauty ingredient), 20 mg of hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10 (a source of vitality, beauty and youthfulness). Each dose of powder also contains 450 mg of arginine, an amino acid (containing an Amino Collagen building block); 60 mg of glucosamine; and 50 mg of vitamin C. Amino Collagen comes in an easy-to-drink, fast-dissolving powder formula.

fish collagen peptide (gelatin), maltodextrin, vegetable oil, coenzyme Q10, ceramide-containing extract from rice germ, trehalose, vitamin C, glucosamine, arginine, flavor, hyaluronic acid, emulsifying agent (including soybeans), thickening agent (gum arabic), sweetener (sucralose).

Where to buy?
Instagram: @cheskasstore

How much?

First of all, it has no fishy taste even if it's made out of marine collagen. It has fishy aftertaste yes, but that's when you drink it pure so what I'm doing is I'm mixing one spoonful of this Meiji Amino Premium Collagen to my juice or hot chocolate in the morning and you'll definitely can't tell that there's a marine collagen in your beverage. Since I've got the one in pouch, I transferred the product into this cute food storage:

One pouch is good for almost one month and by that time, I saw visible results after 3 weeks of taking this baby fish haha. I noticed that my nails got thicker and my hair grows faster than usual. I usually get a haircut every two or three weeks but meiji changed that routine into every week. Apart from that, my skin is getting softer and it feels lighter and smooth like baby's skin. My partner even said that my limbs are getting more makinis. 😊❤ I'd like to show you some pictures of mine:

Under yellow lighting | No Makeup

No Makeup

Under natural window lights | With Princess and Jacqy

I didn't notice if it helps in reducing the appearance of visible pores because I'm using dermroller at the same time but I think it does help because it's collagen that helps our skin recover from being wounded which what dermroller is doing. I didn't experience any side effects like acidity, palpitations, heartburn etc.

I think what makes this product special apart from it's so popular in Japan that even my pinay friends there are aware of it is the selection of added ingredients. Co Q10, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid are some of special added ingredients that boosts the efficacy of Meiji and the way our skin and body absorb the product. Probably one of the reasons why I didn't experience any side effects is that, my body is used to having fish. I love eating fish and Meiji Collagen is made out of fish and some vitamins. There are some collagen that are made out of horse and it's very rare for human to eat horse so it's really a foreign think in our digestive system which is why some are experiencing discomforts.

What I like:
• Effective
• Well known company
• Made out of Marine Collagen
• No taste (When mixed with other beverages)
• No side effects
• Loaded with boosters (other ingredients)

What I don't like:
• Smells fish (very light)
• There's a fish aftertaste  (when taken pure)
• A little pricey (Though you'll get what you pay)
• Not readily available in the supermarket
• No English translation of the details on the packaging

All in all, I highly recommend Meiji Amino Premium Collagen to you guys. It's really an effective supplement and you know how honest and meticulous I am when reviewing things like this. I also wanna recommend because they sell authentic Meiji Collagen and other products and they have the lowest price in the Philippine market today so visit their online store now. I love shopping at even before when I'm still a student.

This is a sponsored review. sent me the product for review. Regardless, I only give honest feedback based on my reviews and observations about the product. You deserve to know that truth and nothing but the absolute truth. What's good for me may not be good for you so take this review as a guide not as a pattern. Take it with a pinch of salt. 😊

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