Otsuka Placenta C Jelly Review

Hello my #VanityFriends! How are you doing? Here's another late product review for you. I should've posted this article last November but because I was so busy with events, building my YouTube channel and these past holidays, I didn't get the chance to publish it. I apologize for that but the product that I am talking about is...

Otsuka Placenta C Jelly Review

This is the number one beauty & diet innovation in Japan! Each pack of delicious Mango flavored Skin C placenta jelly contains 15000 mg of premium placenta extract which has been processed using a special manufacturing system to eliminate those peculiar odors. Individually packed portions of jelly are convenient and easy to eat. Unique enzyme decomposition processing allows the collagen, placenta peptides and hyaluronic acids to be easily absorbed by our bodies. This placenta and collagen beauty diet supplement is both safe and diet-friendly.

• Placenta Extract 132,000 mg
• Low molecular collagen peptide 66,000 mg
• Elastin 220 mg
• Proteoglycan 13 mg
• Vitamin C 465 mg
• Mangosteen Extract 111 mg
• Bird's Nest Extract 111 mg

Eat 1 pack per day as a dessert or snack.

Where to buy?

How much?
P1,080 (31 STICKS)

I was honestly doubtful about its taste at first but I was wrong because it tastes like my favorite Jelly Ace and I'm enjoying it. If I can only eat two sticks per day I would haha. Kidding aside, it really tastes good and I'm eating it everyday right after lunch or sometimes dinner. You really cannot tell that it contains Placenta because of its appetizing smell and sweet taste.

This Otsuka Placenta C Jelly promises to give us a younger and glowing skin. Is it true? Hmmm well... I must say somehow! It makes my skin supple and glowing but I didn't notice any whitening effect. It also didn't help in reducing the appearance of my enlarged pores (Guys if you know a remedy for large pores please comment it below please!)

In my 31 days of taking this product, the best thing that I've noticed is that, it makes my skin look firm and flawless specially on my legs area. I enjoyed wearing shorts during those times because my legs were extra glowing hehe. And ohhh! I also noticed that my forehead was extra stretched or I don't know how you call it but it feels like I don't have much fine lines on my forehead haha.

What I like:
• Yummy taste
• Formulation
• Trusted brand
• Can be bought from a legit online store
• Made my legs glowing
• Made my skin supple
• Separate packaging
• Reduces the appearance of my fine lines

What I don't like:
• It didn't help in shrinking my pores
• A bit expensive
• The excess juice when you open the product is a little sticky
• Not readily available
• I didn't see significant skin lightening
• The labels on the packaging doesn't have English translations

All in all, this is a great anti aging and glow booster supplement. If you wanna achieve that kutis na pino or supple glowing skin, I recommend this product also, I'm sure you'll enjoy the taste of this Otsuka Placenta C Jelly as much as I did. If you're looking for a quick skin whitener or something to close your pores, this is not the product for you.

The product is sponsored by Cheska's Store for me to try and share you my experience. Regardless, I only recommend products that I personally tried and tested. The views and statements above were based on my opinion and honest feedback. Please take my review as a guide and not as a pattern. Take it with a pinch of salt.

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