Opulence Ultra White Protect Glow Booster Body Lotion with SPF30 Review

Hello awesome people of the universe! How's it going? I have been so busy working on random things plus my bank was hacked online so my mind was literally flying over the clouds. Guys be careful when you're like me who loves purchasing online using Visa card. Please be extra careful because a lot of hackers and money launderers are just around the internet.

Anyway, let's forget about the money for a while  (even though it's so hard for me not to think about that haha 😂) because today, I have for you a review of the whitening lotion that I've recently tried so I wanna share you my loves my experience and thoughts about:

Opulence Ultra White Protect Glow Booster Body Lotion with SPF30

Luxurious whitening body lotion that help stops melanin production, stimulates skin rejuvenation and prevent formation of pigmented spots that cause skin darkening.

With SPF30 to help protect the skin against the UV rays
Helps the skin fight free radicals and other toxic elements.
With Glutathione, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin C and E, Clair Blanche and Sunblock

Where to buy?

How much?
P650 (200ml) They're on sale now for only P495! 😊

When I first opened this product, I was honestly disappointed with its smell because the smell was too strong so I swatched it on my arm and few minutes after it turns into a mild floral soothing scent and to tell you, the fragrance lasts and I liked it.

If there's one big thing that I really love about this lotion is that it has an instant whitening effect. I love how it makes my skin looking white, flawless and glowing specially when I'm under a good light or under the sun. Though, it's undeniably great too in any light condition (I am telling you this because I've tried many instant whitening lotions and there are some who gave me like grayish thing on my limbs when I'm in a darker place). 

Look at this photos:
As you can see, it gives my skin a natural looking instant whitening effect.
Another great thing about this product is that it's matte and not sticky at all. Even if the lotion was just freshly applied, I didn't feel any sticky or something like oily feeling. I also love the fact that it has a pump so it's very convenient for me and for you to get the product out of the bottle.

Just like some other lotions, a part of it specifically around the mouth of the pump and around the hole of bottle itself is turning into solid. You see what I mean? Yung nag bubuo buo sya ganon (jusko English why you're so so haha 😂). I hate it and it's a no for me but it won't be a reason for me not to buy the product again because honestly, I am finishing my second bottle now.

As per whitening, I noticed an improvement on my complexion specially on the areas where I've got insect bites, they lightened quickly. Though, the whitening is not that dramatic, at least I know that it whitens and it's effective. I love the glow it gives though, and I think that's the forte of this product eh because it really gives me like super Tisoy looking skin whenever I am wearing it I swear guys plus it's not dripping when my skin gets wet (walang hulasan bes 😂).

TIP: If the product is too white for you, dilute it with your favorite moisturizer or mix it with other watery lotions so it can blend well on your skin. That's what I am doing when I am applying it on my feet because my feet are darker than the rest of my body huhu.

What I like:
• Instant whitening effect
• Not sticky
• Smell
• Packaging
• Effective

What I don't like:
• A little pricey
• Part of it is turning solid in the hole and pump area.

All in all, this is a very good lotion and it's true to its promise. I will definitely recommend it to you guys. 😊

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