My RevLite Laser Experience at The Icon Clinic

RevLite provides effective treatments for popular aesthetic indications. A laser that can safely remove tattoos, unwanted brown spots and rejuvenate skin is finally here, making it easier to uncover your skin's natural beauty. The Icon Clinic has recently added the RevLite laser to their premium line of services to address variety of patient needs.

The RevLite Laser system acts by emitting a powerful beam of specialized light that targets the pigments in the tattoo, age spots and promotes collagen remodeling without harming the surrounding skin. One of the most outstanding features of this laser is its ability to be used in such a wide variety of applications. This unique laser can treat all skin types with effective results. For laser tattoo removal, the RevLite can remove red and black inks, as well as difficult colors like sky blue and green. This laser will help patients look and feel better.

Skin Rejuvenation:
As the skin ages and the sun wreaks its havoc, lines and wrinkles appear, and age spots surface. Target these imperfections with the latest technology offered at The Icon Clinic. RevLite is a non-ablative laser that uses PhotoAcoustic Technology energy to stimulate collagen, reduce pore size, plus diminish wrinkles and acne scars. Quick full-face treatment options with no downtime and minimal discomfort allow you to return immediately to your daily activities.

RevLite Treatment


How much?
P6,000 per session  (I got it for free when I visited their clinic for the launching of their RevLite Machine.)

To be honest, the treatment wasn't painful. I just experienced a very little pain on my upper lip area. Other than that, my experience was fine and calm. I noticed immediate results right after the RevLite treatment. Pores' size were lessened, darkspots and acne marks were lightened, not to mention that my skin feels like a baby afterwards.

Another great thing about this treatment is that, it's really quick and easy. You can actually wash your face (which I did) and put on makeup right after the session. To give you more idea about the session, I documented my whole experience on my YouTube channel here:

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