DIY Instant Skin Bleaching Using Agua Oxinada?

I wanna start this blog post by saying that I am not an expert so all of the statements you are about to read were based on my own opinion. It's always your discretion if you're going to follow it or not.

Alright! Few weeks ago, I received two messages from two different people asking if I know the formula for that DIY Bleaching kemerut! The first person even asked me if I'm a user of that. Alright guys, to be honest, I am also curious about it because I haven't tried it yet.

I made my research about it and I decided not to do it or create my own formula. I also don't recommend you guys doing it. There are several reasons why so let me share you some.

1. You're not an expert a.k.a chemist or dermatologist to formulate your own skin whitening chorvalu haha. If you're like me who's an ordinary person without enough knowledge about chemicals specially when mixed together. Hala na! Guys we are not aware of the chemical reaction when mixed with other chemicals or ingredients.

2. Too much exposure to Hydrogen Peroxide or Agua Oxinda can harm our skin, eyes, nose and lungs.

3. There were cases of skin irritation because of doing their own skin bleaching formula.

4. The instant whitening it gives is temporary. What's happening is Capillary embolism. It prevents blood from flowing to the capillaries at the affected area for some time and that is why your skin will appear light or fair. After awhile, our capillaries will go back to normal and so do our skin color.

Those are just some of the many important  reasons why you shouldn't take the risk to create your own skin bleaching formula with Agua Oxinada.

I also have a video version of this article you may watch here:

If you really want to achieve fairer skin complexion, try the safest method like using whitening lotions, soaps, pills and scrubs. You can also eat fruits and vegetables because they contain highlevel of glutathione and antioxidants that is proven to give a healthier white looking skin.

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