REVIEW: Pervil Magic Acne Kit by Dra. Ivy

I know that you are all excited to know my thoughts about the Pervil Magic Skincare Solution by Dra. Ivy Acne Kit because I have been raving about this product this past few weeks on my social media channels and I promised to give you my full review about it so here it is!

Pervil Magic Skincare Solution Acne Kit by Dra. Ivy

The Acne Kit is specifically formulated to effectively treat acne and help prevent pimples and blackheads. The kit contains the Glutathione Soap, Acne gel/cream, Acne Solution Toner, and Sunblock.

Where to buy?

Pervil Facebook "Click HERE" (Just send them a PM)
Call: (02) 355 1895

How much?


For the full product description including the ingredients, "click here."

I already featured some Pervil products few years ago. You may read my review of their Magic Cream, lotion and soap here. Just like what I have said, I can't help but to talk how this product works on my gadgadgaran I mean face hahaha. For full disclosure guys, this review is not sponsored by Pervil ok?

I was in the province "Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija" where Pervil Magic started and my original plan is to buy another set of Pervil Magic lotions and soaps because my skin wanted to experience them again. As I was looking at the set of products, the ACNE KIT caught my attention because it's the only set in green color. Everything's in a yellow or orange shade. So I was intrigued by it and bought the product with the hope that it will satisfy me as much as their Magic Cream, lotion and soap did. I even shared the picture of the product after my purchase on our #VanityFriends private group. If you guys wanna join in our group, just click here. We share here current skincare routines, sales, giveaways and kulitan of couse. :)

Here's the said post:
Hnd Hada Labo ang salarin huhu. Yung Snow Caps. Visit nyo YouTube Channel ko: Vanity Room Philippines para sa full details hehe.

As you can see, I have zits on my forehead and some acne on my jaw area and cheeks. In short, I am breaking out huhu. I started using the product few days after the purchase date and saw an amazing improvement after 3 days. Literally it was able to flattened my zits and tiny bumps plus the pimples are healing (drying) really quick. Here's the current state of my face now after finishing just one set:

I can say that everything in the set is my favorite. I love the smell of their toner and the cooling effect it gives not to mention that it is so moisturizing as well. The soap is a cold processed one so my skin is absorbing most of the active ingredients it contains. The Acne Solution Gel also has its cooling effect and the best thing about this product is when I applied the gel on my acne, I can feel that the product is working because my acne is feeling cool and a little itchy and I love that feeling hahaha. Also, a pump can treat 10 to 15 zits on your face, literally a little goes a long way. I also like the consistency and lightness of their sunblock plus the smell is so mild.

My Routine:

(Morning and night)
Wash my face with Glutathione soap -> Acne Solution Toner -> Acne Gel -> Sunblock (once the gel dried up)

I literally skip using moisturizer because the toner itself as I have said is so moisturizing. I'll just apply my preferred moisturizer if I am going to put on makeup because it's a must to create a perfect canvas. :)

There are just few things to consider, hmmm it will not hinder me from buying the product though. The Acne Gel smells like a medicine and I hate to smell one (it smells like liquid Robitosin). The packaging is not so appealing for me too. Though, all of the products (except from the soap) comes with a pump which is so convenient and hygienic so the not-so-appealing packaging has been compensated. It's not really the packaging (bottles), maybe the sticker and bag are the ones that don't appeal me much? What do you think?

Ohhh I also wish it is available in all Mercury drugstores and Watsons nationwide but don't worry because Pervil has a lot of provincial distributors around the country and abroad so ordering is not a problem.

All in all, I highly recommend using Pervil Magic Acne Kit because it simply works and it's so affordable as well. Using the product is so easy and it dries up pimple overnight. Mind you guys, it is really effective and working like a magic. Now that my acne is clearing, I will be using the Pervil Magic Rejuvenating Set next and I'll keep you guys updated for sure.

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