Esfolio is now in the Philippines

Another big brand from South Korea is finally here in the Philippines to give us another amazing KBEAUTY experience. A lot of Filipinos both men and women are getting hooked with Korean skincare and I must admit I am one of those. I mean, why not? Kbeauty products are usually skin friendly, mild and most specially they work!

Esfolio Philippines

Esfolio was founded in 2011 and continues to work hard to produce and sell quality skincare and cosmetics products that are safe and reliable to customers.

In Esfolio, they believe in their founder’s outlook to always be honest and confident. Honest and confident that they include quality ingredients at affordable prices to provide their customers with the best overall product experience.

Natural products made from natural ingredients to unleash your natural beauty. Everyone is naturally beautiful; our products aim to provide everyone the key to unlocking your inner natural beauty.

Where to buy?
Instagram: @Esfolio_PH

Esfolio Philippines offers wide variety of skincare products, from hair to toe, they got you covered. I personally love how you can easily navigate their website to see the products you'd like to buy. To make it simple, their website is so clean and easy to use. In fact, I tried shopping so I can tell you my experience and it was amazing.

Here are the products that I've got:

They are known for their Aloe line of products so I made sure I have some on my shopping cart. I am really excited to try these products and give you my reviews about them so stay tuned for that.

What I like the most about Esfolio Philippines is the quality of their products. From and packaging to product itself, you'll feel that it is premium and made with passion just for you. I just hope that they can produce makeup products like cushions, bb creaams, concealers and lip tints.

If you guys wanna experience premium kbeauty products, don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter and like them on Facebook for you to be qualified for FREE SHIPPING. Yes, you heard it right plus you'll also be notified for special promos and discounts. Cool right?

I also made a haul video about Esfolio Philippines. Feel free to watch here:

All in all, I enjoyed shopping at Esfolio Philippines and I highly recommend the brand. Like what I have said, they have premium quality products at very reasonable cost. Thank you so much for reading and remember, you are awesome! :)

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