Meiji Amino Collagen Powder Review

I have been receiving compliments for having smooth and whiter skin in the pictures I recently posted on my social media channels. Thank you for the sweet words my #VanityFriends it boosts my confidence and happiness hehe. Aside from making sure that I am protected by sunblock or lotion with high SPF everyday, I am also taking the Meiji Amino Collagen for more than a month now and surely, I am ready to share you my thoughts about it.

Meiji Amino Collagen Review

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How to use?
It’s a fast-dissolving powder, so you can mix it with various foods and beverages like coffee, yogurt, and orange juice. Hot foods like soup and beverages are fine. So are cold foods and beverages.

Where to buy?

How much?

I reviewed the Meiji Amino Collagen Premium before and I liked it. Unlike the premium one, this Meiji Amino Collagen has a milder fishy smell and so the taste as well. I am mixing this collagen powder in my regular adult milk before going to bed. I sometimes mix it with my Halo-Halo haha look:

It tastes delicious to be honest and I'm enjoying it like a regular milk. The only thing I noticed at first is that, it makes my pores look smaller, little did I know, it's also working to make my skin lighter and even smoother. My friends are the ones who told me that I've got a lighter skin. Another proof are the comments your leaving on the pictures I'm posting:

I won't make this review long, the Meiji Amino Collagen Powder is really effective! It makes my skin whiter and finer or smoother. I like how it turns my skin from pale to glowing healthy looking complexion. This will be my maintenance milk from now on and it's even effective than the other expensive glutathione brands out there. Knowing it's a collagen, I'll always give this a go! I also wanna emphasize that I didn't experience any negative effects in more than a month of taking this collagen. 

Just one thing that I don't like about this product is, it's not available in our local drugstores. Good thing we can order it online. I purchased mine at KHSmartShop on Shoppee. I highly recommend this shop because they're purchasing the products directly from Japan since the owner is working there. I also received some freebies during my first purchase and now, I am ready for my next buy!

All in all, I highly recommend, as in HIGHLY mga beshies hehe taking Meiji Amino Collagen Powder because it has great benefits for our skin and overall health. You know how sincere and straightforward I am when recommending products. If you want to achieve that kutis artista skin, this is a must try! :) I also recommend buying from KHSmartShop because they offer lower prices and you are assured that you're getting the authentic Meiji Collagen plus the owner is so kind.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Meiji nor by KHSmartShop to make this review. I personally made my purchase and the views and statement above are solely based on my experience and personal opinion. Also, we have different skin types and body system so take my review with a pinch of salt. :)

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