Pervil Magic Skincare Solutions Rejuvenating Set Review

After my successful usage of the Pervil Magic Skincare Solutions Acne Kit which you can read my full review by "clicking here", Pervil team sent me a message offering their Rejuvenating set for me to review and I said why not? Their Acne Kit did an amazing job so I am hoping the same for this one. So yes, they sponsored this product for review and we both agree that I will write my honest opinion and real experience using their product. They even said that they are confident that it will work on me and I said let's see. :)


Pervil Magic Skincare Solutions Rejuvenating Set Review

A widely used kit nowadays that is intentionally formulated for skin that has intensive problem. It has an Arbutin that works way better in removing skins heavy dark spots than Hydroquinone, which is strictly forbidden by FDA but still being used by other brands. Our formulation has no redness effect, exploitation or peeling and most of all no tingling sensations. Source:

Where to buy?
Phone: +63 2 709 6043
Main office: Unit 104 Casa Rafael Bldg 1223 Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

How much?
P450.00 per set

The product smells very nice specially the soap. I also like the fact that their soap is a cold processed one because my skin can maximize the benefits it gives. The rejuvenating cream does not feel heavy on face and so do their sunblock cream. The toner is so refreshing too that's why I am getting hooked with it.

I just followed the routine printed on the packaging:

For Day Time:
- Cleanse the face with Magic Kojic Soap (Let it Stay for 5-10mins then rinse with luke warm water)
- Moistened a piece of cotton with Magic Intensive Toner then apply evenly onto face
- Apply intensive rejuvenating and whitening cream all over the face thinly.
- Put Sunscreen SPF 15 Repeat every after 2 hours for maximum sun protection.

For Night Time:
- Follow the same beauty regimen in day time except sunscreen application.

Guys, it's true!!! I didn't experience any redness, peeling or tingling/stingy sensation and what the? Is this product serious? It made my skin smoother and lighter than before. OMAGA! This is not a joke you guys, even I can't believe week by week when I'm seeing the progress and result. The science behind this solution is just brilliant. True enough, it delivered great results as much as their Acne kit did.

I just really can't believe guys that it can deliver amazing result without peeling our skin. You cannot blame me because most of the rejuvenating set and astringent today makes our skin really red and it peels. You know the brand guys I don't wanna mention them na but yeah they are popular and you know them.

What I don't like about the product is it does not last. One set can be consumed for 2 weeks only. Good thing it's affordable. Also, just like their Acne Kit, I am not a fan of their packaging. I mean the pump bottles are nice and so the detailed print outs. However, the cream's container is a small tub without a spatula so that's very unhygienic for me. Also the stickers and labeling is not that appealing to be honest. I just hope Pervil can do something about that. Another thing that I wish they can do is to have their products readily available in Watsons and Mercury drugstores because the product deserves more exposure to the public. Anyway, that will not hinder me from buying their products because PERVIL works and my skin loves them so much!

Before and after picture:
No filter/ I zoomed in the before picture for you to see some of my dark spots.

All in all, I highly recommend trying Pervil Magic Skincare Solutions Rejuvenating Set. It works! It simply works and it did not cause me acne breakouts! You better try it guys and see it for yourself. One of my readers tried it already and here's a feedback from him:

So there! Thank you so much guys I hope you enjoyed reading this review and remember, you are awesome! :)

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