#VanityRealQuick: When is the best time to take Glutathione?

Hello guys! Today we have a new segment called #VanityRealQuick wherein I'll answer the frequently asked questions in just a minute or two. I will not make this post long so without further ado, let's begin!

Question: When is the best time to take your glutathione pills for better absorption?

Answer: Ideally, it is best to take your glutathione in the morning and at night. 30 minutes before your breakfast and 30 before your dinner. However, if you are acidic like me, you should take your glutathione 30 minutes after your breakfast and 30 minutes after your dinner. That way, we are giving the supplement or the glutathione a solo time to be enjoyed and absorbed effectively by our system.

I also made a 1 minute video explaining this. You may watch it here:

Disclaimer: The views and statement on the video/blog are solely based on my experience and research. Please take it with a pinch of salt. It's still best to consult your doctor specially if you're under special medication. 👍

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