Snow Caps Glutathione Review 2017

I have been receiving a lot of questions about the glutathione brand called Snow Caps. Actually, I already reviewed this product few years back. You may read the said review by "clicking here". Like what I have said, a lot of you guys were asking me if it is still effective. Some even messaged me saying that they took the product and it was not effective for them with before and after pictures. Well, I guess it's true that the effect of Snow Caps may vary from one person to another. But out of my curiosity, I tried the product again to see if it will deliver the same result. Just a full disclosure guys, this article is not sponsored by Snow Caps nor by someone else.


Where to buy?
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How much?

A lot of people are saying that Snow Caps is just being over advertised as the leading Kapuso Star Adlen Richards is endorsing the said brand for quite some time now. Hmmm, is it true? Is it still worth your money or you are just paying the advertisement?

Like what I've said at the beginning of this blog post, I tried the product for the second time around to see if Snow Caps will still deliver amazing result as it did two years ago. The packaging, ingredients and everything is still the same except for one thing. I noticed that the "rotten egg" smell is milder now. Aside from that, everything is still the same.

I won't be focusing on the ingredients, box, shape, smell etc. Because I already discussed that on my first review. What I am hankering to share you now is solely about my experience and how the product works on me. Ready?

This time, I took the product two times a day. One capsule in the morning thirty minutes after my breakfast and another one capsule at night thirty minutes after eating dinner. Yes, I did not take vitamin c together with Snowcaps because I wanna see its full solo effect. Though it has vitamin c in it already which we know as a glutathione booster. I am a very acidic person and sometimes glutathione pills makes it worst. Thankfully, I did not experience extreme acidity taking Snow Caps Glutathione. I also did not experience some side effects like burning throat, headaches, heartburn, dizziness and stomach pain.

I will not prolong the agony. Yes, Snow Caps still delivered amazing result on me. After fifteen days of taking it, I notice a more glowing, radiant and whiter skin. This is really serious guys and you know how honest I am when reviewing products. The only problem is that, it caused me acne breakouts like few zits around my face which I never experience with Snow Caps before. Anyway, it is still amazing, fast, and really effective in terms of skin whitening. I am just really in love with Snow Caps and now I believe in the saying that first love never dies haha. :D Having that said, why there people who are not satisfied with Snow Caps? Simply because we have different skin types and color, different body, different absorption rate, and different lifestyle that may affect the efficacy of whatever we are taking or using so take this review as a guide with a pinch of salt.

Yes, for me, Snow Caps is still effective and I still recommend this one if you are in search for a new glutathione to try. By the way, I made a video wherein you can see my before and after and my current skin condition after taking Snow Caps. I bet you really wanna see that so watch the video below and don't forget to subscribe on my YouTube channel and turn on the notification bell for more whitening and lifestyle tips:

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