Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Foam by Esfolio PH Review

If you have been following my blog and YouTube channel for quite some time now, you know for sure that I have a very sensitive and not-so-pretty face! Hahaha! Just wanna break the ice! Of course, we are all awesome and beautiful in any way. I am really picky when it comes to facial cleansers because as said, I have a super sensitive skin, one wrong facial wash means acne breakout. That's really sad because as a Beauty and Lifestyle V/Blogger, I cannot erase the fact that I need to try different products so I can tell you what's working and not. Yes, I am your Guinea Pig! :D Today, allow me to share you my unbiased feedback about the:

Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Foam by Esfolio Philippines

This product promises to remove sebum and impurities found in the pores while moisturizing the skin with Aloe extract.

How to use?
Apply an adequate amount for foam. Massage thoroughly on the face in  circular motion  before gently removing it with water.

Where to buy?

How much?
P349.95 (150ml)

I only need a pea-sized amount of the product to make a generous amount of lather that I can use for my entire face.

The product is so silky and creamy that is why I am enjoying it every after bath. I also like the fact that it comes in a big squeezable tube in Green color which is my favorite haha. As you can see, the product is almost empty because I have been abusing it for couple of weeks now. With the tone of this blog post, you know for sure that I am loving the product and yes, I love this Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Foam from Esfolio especially that it does not contain these 4 harmful ingredients:

* Talc - it clogs pores and make our skin dry.
* Ethanol - also know as alcohol which is flammable.
* Silicone - it causes acne and congestion by trapping debris in our pores.
* Benzhopenone - it causes skin redness or irritation

So yeah, this cleanser it not containing those harmful ingredients which is present in some cleansers nowadays. I love how it makes my skin bright, soft and smooth without drying my face and in fact, it's moisturizing. Yeah, I dropped my jaw because of that. Hey! It's very rare for a cleanser to be moisturizing—most of them gives that tight or stretched feeling on my face.  Also, I noticed that it reduces the redness on my face day by day which makes me happy.

To be honest, I super love this facial wash and I can call it as my Holy Grail cleanser because it reduces that appearance of acne on my face without making it really dry or flaky. I love how gentle it is in removing sebum and whiteheads on my face. To be honest, I cannot say anything negative (which is very rare) on this product because it's simply amazing and affordable. Anyway, let us still do the recap.

What I like:

* Affordable
* Gentle
* No harmful ingredients
* Effective Acne solution
* Moisturizing
* Reduces whiteheads
* Calming
* Brightening effect
* A little goes a long way
* Squeezable container (Hygienic)

What I don't like:
* Not readily available in our local drugstores (available online)

All in all, I highly super duper recommend this Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Foam by Esfolio Philippines particularly if you are looking for a cleanser that works on sensitive and acne prone skin. This is the product for you, I am giving you my word guys! You know how honest I am when recommending you some products specially skincare. This is simply amazing!

Disclaimer: The above mentioned views and statements are based on my personal opinion and experience using the product. Please take this review with a grain of salt. Esfolio Philippines sent me the product so I can share you my experience in case it works on me and it did. I am not paid to make this review. Regardless, I only recommend products and services that I personally tried and tested which I know will be good for my readers.

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