Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen brings Peru to Pioneer Pasig

I was invited to be one of the first guests of the Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen's grand launching in Pioneer Pasig. To be honest with you, I have never been to any Peruvian restaurant and I have never tasted a single Peruvian dish. Perhaps I did but I was not aware that it was Peruvian because it's very rare. Glad and honored to be invited because I've finally experienced Peru because of Don Andres.

Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen serves authentic Peruvian cuisine and most of their ingredients if not all are imported from abroad. For those who don't know (like me before) what Peruvian Gastronomy is, it is a combination of spicy dishes and indigenous foods that later influenced by the arrival of the Spanish colony and different migrations such as Chinese, European, Indian and Japanese immigrants.

The restaurant's ambiance speaks what kind of culture you can taste when you dine. Don Andres offers wide variety of foods from chicken to fish to pork to octopus and most of all sweets. They first served the appetizers:

Pulpo al Olivo  is an Octopus with Purple Olive Sauce. I was really hesitant to try this one because admittedly, I am not that adventurous when it comes to food. I gave it a shot anyway because my fellow bloggers said that it tastes good. Surprisingly, I liked it and we finished it first hehe.

Ceviche de Pescado or Fish Ceviche. This is their version of "Kinilaw" in Philippine cuisine. The raw "Talakitok" or Trevally swims in lime juice instead of the usual vinegar and this makes the dish extra flavorful. The simple ingredients compliments each other's appearance which made it hard for me to eat or touch this food because it was well garnished (very instagramable). Again, this one's my favorite and I think it's a great steal for its price.

We also had the the Choros Ala Chalaca it is a refreshing Peruvian Mussels topped with Citrus Corn Salsa. This one is a bomb in a spoon. Yes! I called it a bomb because the refreshing flavors of the mixed ingredients will explode in your mouth once chewed.

After stimulating our appetite with their delicious appetizers, they then served the main dishes:

My holy grail during that lunchie is the Pollo A La Brasa or Peruvian Roasted Chicken. This tastes divine! Unlike the usual or generic Roasted Chicken, Don Andres' version is different. The herbs and spices used to flavor the chicken is present until your last chew. As I have said, they import their ingredients from abroad so the taste is not really usual and in fact it's more flavorful. I also appreciate that their Roasted Chicken wasn't oily.

I rarely eat beef so I wasn't touching this Lomo Saltado or Stir Fried Beef until my good friends Teena Arches and Raiza Contawi told me that it tastes really well. The meat was really tender and it bursts flavor every after bite.

Don Andres' BBQ Baby Back Ribs looks really delicious but I don't eat pork so I asked my fellow bloggers about it and they liked it much. Shen of The Uncurated Life even said that her husband will surely love it.

Of course, all of those yummy dishes wouldn't be complete without rice! We Filipinos are known to be rice lovers so there's no doubt we have some many versions. The Arroz Con Mariscos or Assorted Seafood Rice was also one of the highlights of the feast. I can actually eat the rice alone for the lunch haha why not? It's complete with seafood hahaha this was enjoyed by us as well.

Our entire dinning experience wouldn't be complete without tasting some of their desserts.

P165 one slice
Tres Leches was way overpowering for me. It wasn't too sweet but I think the liquid milk overpowered it. You might like it if you have a sweet tooth though.

The Chocolate Lava Cake was oh so delish! It is a Chocolate cake topped with my favorite Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. What? Yes, that's triple chocolate!

This is my most favorite dessert of all, Pie De Limon or Lemon Pie. I like sour flavor desserts and this one was really really good! It has Yakult-like aftertaste that will surely enhance your mood after eating heavy.

For its ambiance, delicious foods, great customer service, and value for money, Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen is really a steal for everyone looking for really good food without breakout the bank.

All in all, we enjoyed our dinning experience at Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen and personally, I will bring my food buddies there because I am sure they will like the food and ambiance too. I just want to clarify that this blog post is not sponsored by Don Andres. We were invited as guests on their launching and I really enjoyed their food so I thought of sharing my experience to you my awesome #VanityFriends! ;)

Don Andres is located at Pioneer Center Supermart, 8006 Pioneer Street, Bgy. Kapitolyo
Pasig City, Philippines. You may also email them at: for inquiries.

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