Rainy day? No problem! foodpanda is on its way!

Umbrellas, wet shoes, and traffic; the rainy season has officially arrived. Having that said, normal activities such as eating out, watching movies, or hanging out with your besties become more difficult and staying in gets even more tempting. I am a home person especially during rainy days. I like to chill at home the whole day and eat my favorite foods. The problem with me is I don't know how to cook even as simple as fried egg sounds really complicated to me.

Luckily, we can now do almost everything online, from streaming your favorite movie or TV series, shopping, and even ordering food! This is made possible by the increasing number of mobile applications today offering digital services like foodpanda. foodpanda is an online food delivery platform that enables users to access a variety of restaurants from their mobile phones or desktop computer. With this app, people don’t need to wait in traffic or restaurant queues anymore, their food cravings are always just a few clicks away..

If you are new to foodpanda, allow me to share you a step by step guide on how you can easily order your favorite food. I have been doing this for couple of months now so I can confidently say that it's really convenient and super easy!

1. First thing that you need to do is enter your location or allow foodpanda to locate you. You can also send food to your friend or family member by simply entering their current location. foodpanda will smartly give you the list of nearby (within 3 kilometer radius) restaurants to ensure the quality and freshness of the foods to be delivered.

2. Now is the time to choose the restaurant that you want. In this section, you'll also see how fast they can deliver your food, the usual ETA is 60 minutes but based on my experience, it was always less than an hour!

3. Of course, you have to check the menu and select the foods that you want to order. In this section, you will also see the minimum order required and the delivery fee.

4. Now it's about time to add the food of your choice to your basket. This section displays the details of the food as well as the price. After reviewing it, just click the green button (Add to basket).

5. The next step is reviewing all your orders and make sure everything is in your basket. Once everything is good, just hit Proceed to Checkout.

6. You are almost there! Enter the complete address where you want your food delivered.

7. Of course, we have to pay for the food so choose the payment method the restaurant is offering. I usually go with Cash On Delivery if it's available.

8. All done! Just review your order and hit the Place Order button!

After doing those very simple steps, all you have to do is sit back, chill and wait for your order from foodpanda to arrive.

Thanks to foodpanda! I can now spend my rest day at home eating my favorite food without dealing all the noise and hassle of the outside world. That's the real staycation for me. :)

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