Snow Skincare Whitening Products Review

Aside from Korean skincare which is very popular nowadays specially now that Korean dramas are being watched in every Filipinos' smartphone, laptop, and television haha! Thailand skincare is also in the spotlight since early 2011. I was honestly skeptical to try any Thailand made skincare products because I have a sensitive skin and I am really not familiar with their formulations, ingredients and basically skincare. I read a lot of reviews and positive feedback online and I also did a little bit of research and so I was convinced to try the:

Snow Skincare Whitening Products

Owned by Beauty Booster Co., SNOW Skin Care emerged from an elite group with extensive experience in skincare, health, and beauty products.

Where to buy?

How much?
P3,350.00 (SET)

P1,100.00 Snow DD Cream is an ultra light Perfect Foundation + Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA++

This DD cream is perfect if you are looking for a makeup, moisturizer and sunscreen in one. I like how it was able to even out my skin with a little bit of coverage. Yes, it has a very light coverage so that might hinder you from buying this product if you are a full coverage girl/boy. The good thing about this product is it feels very light on skin, I feel like my skin is still breathing after putting on one generous layer. It has a semi matte finish which is perfect for oily skin. I also like its cute packaging with a pump for a more hygienic product dispensing.

P898.00 Snow Aura White Facial Cleanser is a daily cleanser innovation with a perfect combination of the most efficient extracts, old Bird's Nest, Gold Kiwi fruit and Pure Gold Powder.

To be honest with you, I am not really a fan of this cleanser. I mean it's a nice mild cleanser that works like your favorite gentle cleansers like Cetaphil and Physiogel but there's soemething in this product that I really cannot tell what! Hahaha honestly, I feel like it's not cleansing my face enough and I hate that feeling. Though, my skin feels really soft after using this product, it's not really my cup of tea. Anyway, I appreciate its generous packaging with a pump.

P1,500.00 Snow Aura Whitening Booster Mask is a combination of advanced whitening technology, Hento White and Liposome encap nano vitamins A, C, and E.

This is the most popular product from the Snow Skincare line. A lot of Filipino Beauty Bloggers are raving about it and true enough, this product is gold! Literally, it dispenses gold pigments once applied on your skin. I like its smell and consistency, it feels really light on skin and didn't cause me acne breakout. In fact, it was able to calm down my existing acne and made my face lighter and fresher looking. I would use this product two times a week before going to bed and I would wake up with a more blooming or glowing face. I just don't like it's packaging because it doesn't have a pump, thanks to the spatula provided in the box I can get the product out without touching the entire thing.

I highly recommend trying Snow Skincare Products of Thailand. For the cleanser, I am just really not a fan of it but all in all, they are super nice and effective as they worked well on my acne prone skin. Another thing to consider when buying these products are the prices. If money doesn't matter for you, give it a go dude! :)

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