Tathion 307 Glutathione Review

So here is another late blog post because I should have posted this product review last February pa. I am really sorry guys I was very busy focusing on so many things and I felt really guilty about that. Anyway, it is never too late to share you my thoughts about the Tathion 307 Premium Glutathione that I took few months ago. Yupe! I still remember my experience and it is still very fresh. :)

Tathion 307 Premium Glutathione Review

90 tablets (Good for 30 days)
Made in JAPAN. Contains 100mg pure glutathione.

Three times a day (30 minutes after breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with 500mg of vitamin c each take.

Dermatological Use:
a) Tathion307 improves pigmentation of the skin such as melasma, scars, improper chemical peel and post chicken pox.
b) Tathion307 helps the skin look smoother and achieve even color.
c) Tathion307 is an anti oxidant and enhances liver function
d) Tathion307 also helps cure diseases of the eye such as disorder of eyeball tissues,cornea, cataract and optic nerve. (source: www.cheskasstore.net)

Where to buy?

How much?
P2,100 (90 tablets)

Tathion 307 is so popular in Japan but you can only buy this with prescription as it is already pure in form. Luckily, we can buy some at Cheskas's Store (one of my trusted online shops for glutathione and other beauty products).

I would take Tathion 307 three times a day but with one 500mg of vitamin c only in the morning. Why? I am acidic and even if I take non-acidic vitamin c, I really cannot. :/ Anyway, I did not experience any side effects like burning throat, headache, pimples, and you know it guys! I always mention these side effects thing on my glutathione reviews hehe.

I will not make this review long because you don't want that right? Ok! Yes! Tathion 307 is effective. (Hahaha bilis kausap ni bes!:D) I mentioned that I did not experience any side effects taking Tathion 307 and that's true. That only thing that I noticed was my skin is getting whiter and whiter each week of taking Tathion 307. It's not just white guys, it also gave me that noticeable glow which I super love because my skin looks like I am rich though in person I am a penniless guy haha.

How I wish this glutathione is budget friendly but yeah, it is not so that is the downside. I love how it works but my pocket does not love how much it costs haha. Anyway, if money does not matter to you, this glutathione is a must try! And ooh! I also don't like that the expiration date is not printed on the blister packs. Good thing Cheska's Store can send you the expiration date printed on the box where they'll get your glutathione.

All in all, I highly recommend the Tathion 307. It is effective in terms of skin whitening and it gives that noticeable glow on skin. The product's price is something to consider before buying the said glutathione.Aside from that, everything's great! :)

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