Promising Musicians showcase talent in YouTube Jam Night

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Last August 25, 2017, me and my co v/bloggers were invited for a night full of music and bonding with the promising YouTube content creators at Manila Bulletin office in Intramuros Manila. The up-and-coming music YouTube creators took the center stage at MB Life Acoustic Fridays Presents YouTube Jam Night, a jam session by YouTube and MB Life, Manila Bulletin's lifestyle website for millennials. The session cast the spotlight on YouTube content creators Rappl, Rie Aliasas, The Three of Us, and Andre Thad Rana as they serenaded spectators with foreign and local hits such as Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder, 241 by Rivermaya, and Malaya by Moira dela Torre.

YouTube is not stopping to provide Filipino creators with opportunities to show their talent and expand their reach. Events just like YouTube Jam Night allow Filipino creators to learn from each other and possibly work on future collaborations. It also gives them the chance to interact with their supporters or subscribers.

Rose Lopez, known as Rappl, is a radio host who has been a YouTube creator since 2006. Her YouTube channel includes DIYs, short films, vlogs, covers, and collaborations with other creators. Her video PAASA (T.A.N.G.A) by Yeng Constantino | COVER with Baninay Bautista has nearly 25,000 views. Aside from being a YouTube creator and a radio host, Rappl is also a voice artist and a videographer.

Singe-songwriter Rie Aliasas started her YouTube channel in 2012 when she was 15. Her channel has over 13 million views and includes song covers and original compositions. Her video Tadhana - Up Dharma Down (cover) has over 1.6 million views. Rie also had a recent collaboration with Rappl for A little Bit - MYMP - Rie Aliasas ft. Rappl (cover).

Andre Thad Rana only became a YouTube creator in 2016 but his channel already gained more than 700,000 views. He uploads acoustic covers, and his video Versace on the floor - Bruno Mars (Andre Thad Rana Cover) has more than 190,000 views. He has also acted on YouTube videos like "Cellphone O Ako?" (Selfie) for ABS-CBN's Adober Studios.

The Three of Us, a band that includes Adora San Pedro, Thea Panaguiton, and Ivy Hermogenes, uploaded their first YouTube video in 2016. Their channel mostly consists of acoustic covers like Middle (DJ Snake Acoustic Cover), which has over 680,000 views. In December 2016, The Three of Us received the Highest YouTube Channel Growth award from Adober Studios.

As the global creator community continues to grow, YouTube continues to celebrate talent and self-expression by giving creators access to new tools and support programs.

"Filipino talents on YouTube continue to flourish and we are to support them in realizing their goals as creators," said Google Philippines Head of Marketing, Gabby Roxas. "These creators have enormous potential. We are excited to see them-go to the next level, and we look forward to seeing more Filipinos in the global YouTube creator community."

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Status Hair Salon Maginhawa: New Hair Color plus Haircut

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You rarely see me with a colored hair, in fact, I am satisfied with just a simple hairstyle made by my favorite barber shop near my area. I am just a simple man as you guys know because I love everything that is simple and sweet like me haha. Having that said, I rarely go to hair salons not unless they invited me to feature their business here in our humble blog. So yeah! To cut the long intro short (haha!), I was invited by Status Hair Salon Maginhawa branch to try their services and share my experience to you my awesome #VanityFriends!

Status Hair Salon Maginhawa

Status Hair Salon came into being when sisters Robina and Roseann Ko set up their first hair care establishment in Robinsons Galleria. Wanting to create their own, unique brand, the two set out to build the salon with a vision of providing services in line with the highest international standards.

It's a modern salon that caters to a young, hip, trendy, and upwardly mobile market, Status Salon provides one of the widest selection of beauty services for clients who want international quality looks while on a reasonable budget. From classic cuts to modern trends, their team of professional-educated internationally-trained service, well providers will work with you to give you the style you’ve always wanted.

140 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village,
Quezon City, Philippines.
Tel #: (02) 917 6163

It was raining last August 25, 2017 when me and my v/blogger friends decided to visit the Status Hair Salon in Maginhawa Quezon City because we were all free that time. The bad weather can't stop us from pampering ourselves and so do the many clients inside the salon when we arrived.

While waiting for our turns, their friendly receptionist offered us some coffee and water to drink, there's also a free WiFi so you won't get bored while waiting or even if you're in the middle of beautification already. Another thing that I like about the Status Hair Salon is their uncrowded area. The interior design is literally wide and clean so we felt really welcomed and refreshed.

After just few minutes, their Senior Stylist, Divine called me to do my hair. I asked her to bring back the natural color of my hair because my highlights are no longer my taste haha. She said that the dark brown color will be perfect for my hair so I let her decide because I trust her.

After choosing the hair color, Ms. Divine asked her Junior Stylist to wash my hair and blow it dry.

After drying my hair, Ms. Divine started putting on the hair color. I like the fragrance of their mixture because it doesn't smell like chemicals. I didn't experience stinging sensation on my scalp too so that's a big plus for me.

After 30 minutes, the Junior Stylist, Acee, rinsed my hair and dried using their hair blower. Before cutting my hair, they asked me to take a quick break and offered us a snack:

After eating that super sarap na pizza, Ms. Divine started cutting my hair and styled it. The haircut took almost an hour because they really wanna take time styling each and every client's hair to perfection. I appreciate that they're not rushing the job even if there were some clients waiting. So here's the final look:

All in all, me and my friends really enjoyed our experience at Status Hair Salon in Maginhawa. I must say that this is one of the best hair salons that I've tried. I like how passionate they are in their professions and the way they treat their customers is extra! Status Hair Salon is definitely a must try salon if you are looking for a great hairstyle or treatment that gives the best value for your money.

I really wanna know your favorite salon too. What's your favorite hairstyle? Any hair color you love? Have you tried at Status Hair Salon before? Let me know in the comment box below and I'll try to answer as soon as I can. Thank you so much and have an awesome day! ^_^

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TondoX: Organic Skincare Products for Men

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Not so long ago, I was wishing for some brands to come up with all-organic skincare products specially dedicated for men. Then few weeks ago, I received an invitation from TondoX for an afternoon of intimate party and of course, for me to know more about their products. We had a great time eating some BBQ, hotdogs, sandwiches, and salad while all we need to know about TondoX was discussed by the "Saksakan ng Gwapo," Mr. Nelson Moss (owner). :)

What is TondoX?

Skin Bae Global Inc. was founded early 2017, TondoX is named for one of the most historical and most populated districts in Manila, Tondo! So now you are wondering why TondoX right? Well, in urban Manila, people from Tondo are considered street smart and tough, growing up on the streets and wary of street gangs who emanate from the surrounding slums.

The TondoX man is an evolved hunter gatherer and fighter who does what it takes to provide for his family. He is also, however, an Old School Macho Man who was brought up by his mother to have a high regard and respect for womankind, unlike the rampant misogyny that exists in society today.

As he goes about his daily business, he has no problem with appearing "Saksakan ng guwapo," (colloquial for 'stabbling handsome') and he achieves this effortlessly with a line of natural and organic products developed specifically for this type of Filipino men.

Where to buy?

You can message them on Facebook by "clicking here."

Their Products!

Skin Bae Global Inc. aims to nourish, balance and restore your hair and skin with simple yet powerful alternatives instead. It is safer and makes more sense.

Their products are made of: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Argan Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Italian Lemon Oil, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Seaweed Extract, Biosulfer, and Keratin.

So yeah, the ingredients are really jaw-dropping! Those are all organic men!

They have four kinds of pomade:

Dos Por Dos

Hold: 3
Gloss: 4
Scent: Floral Mint


Hold: 3.5
Gloss: 3
Scent: Nectar


Hold: 4
Gloss: 3
Scent: Citrus


Hold: 4
Gloss: None (Matte)
Scent: Berry

They also have:

Masculine Wash


Facial Wash


I must say that I am impressed with the way their products are packaged. They look really classy and intended for men. Though, girls can use these products too (except for the masculine wash of course! :D) since they are all made with natural and organic ingredients. All of the products including the pomades are priced at P350 each. For the generous amount of product and quality, I think it's a bang for the buck deal!

I personally tried their pomade during the event and I can definitely tell that they are different. I don't feel any stickiness at all plus it's lightweight while giving my hair enough hold that I want for styling. I still have some of their products to try so stay tuned for my detailed reviews soon. I am also wishing to get their Masculine wash because it's first of its kind (locally made and organic) here in our country but sadly, it wasn't included in my loot bag. :( Anyway, watch out for my upcoming TondoX product reviews soon.

Some during the blogger's event:

How about you? What's your diskarte to be "Saksakan ng Gwapo" everyday? Would you consider trying TondoX products? Feel free to drop your comments below and I promise to answer to each and every one of you! :)

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Clarence Brings International Beauty Expert to Manila

by 6:56 PM
Clarence Anti-Aging, Slimming, and Dermatology Centre, the first and only one in the Philippines to have the PicoWay technology, brings international beauty expert Kristi Burns to the Philippines. Burns is a Clinical Application Manager of Queensland, Northern Territory and New Zealand at Syneron Candela Corporation Australia. She has extensive background within the beauty, medical and aesthetic skin industries and expertise in skincare and stakeholder relationship development.

Kristi holds an Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy, a Certificate in Aromatherapy, and a Laser Safety Certificate. In the last 10 years, Kristi specialized on the entire Syneron Candela product range as well as cosmeceutical skin and treatment after care. In her clinical educator role, she works closely with several respected medical physicians and clinic owners both domestically and internationally. Kristi is currently looking after Syneron-Candela customers in Australia and New Zealand.

"The coming of Kristi Burns to the Philippines is an honor for Clarence as we both believe that beauty is attainable through state-of-the-art but cost-efficient procedures, " says Dr. Joan Clarence Morallo, head of Clarence MD.

Me and my co-bloggers were invited last August 17, 2017 at the Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Center to welcome Kristi Burns and of course, I grabbed the opportunity to ask Kristi some questions about skincare and their new machine called PicoWay. She answered my questions politely and I'm really happy that she is very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Joan showed us how the PicoWay machine works by doing a demo to one lucky blogger who won a free PicoWay service. Look at the photo below:

You can see that after firing the laser, the tattoo was removed and it's no longer visible. That's how powerful PicoWay is. All of the explanation of Kristi and Dr. Joan were proven. It's just amazing!

Clarence MD is a one-stop center with a variety of non-invasive, safe, and proven methods to enhance body shapes and improve appearances. Besides Picos, Clarence offers anti-aging treatments, body slimming and contouring procedures, facials and peels such as the Hydra Facial, Clear and Brilliant, Thermage, Doublo-SHIFU, HIFU Doublo-S Face and Neck Lifting and tightening, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Dermal Fillers, Botox, CoolSculpting, NIR Firmage, Cellulishock, Mesotherapy, Thermawrap, M-tone, Ultralight Tripollar, RF Monopolar, LipoContour, Aqualyx, Acne treatment, Medical Facial, Acne Oxygen Facial Mist, Oxygen Facial, AGAS Whitening facial, Diamond Peel, Diamond Peel Extreme, and Glycolic Peel.

They offer wide variety of services that will surely fit our beauty needs. I will definitely go back to Clarence Anti-Aging, Slimming, and Dermatology Centre to try their services and of course, I will share to you my awesome #VanityFriends my entire experience so stay tuned for that! :)

For more information, visit or like them on Facebook by "clicking here." You can also call or text: 0998 573 3348.

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Pervil Green Papaya Whitening Lotion SPF 30 Review

by 1:43 PM
I have been using this product since the beginning of August. My skin is always dry and you know that for sure if you have been following my blog for quite some time now. I am always on a lookout for a lotion that gives enough moisture, sun protection and skin rejuvenation without giving me that sticky and heavy feeling. Can Pervil Green Papaya Whitening Lotion with SPF 30 do that?

Pervil Green Papaya Whitening Lotion SPF 30 Review

Pervil Green Papaya Whitening Lotion with SPF 30 promises to give you that softer, fairer, more beautiful, and healthy looking skin. It's a product of Pervil Cosmetics the maker of the famous Pervil Magic Cream.


Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth 20, Vitamin E, Isopropyl Myristate, Papaya Extract, PEG-60. Almond Triglyceride, Vitamin A, Mixed Paraben, Cethyl, Methyl with Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Chamomile Extract, and Deionized Water.

Where to buy?

How much?
P205.00 (120ml)

The first thing that I like about this product is the smell. It has a very refreshing fragrance that makes me wanna use it even the humid weather is telling me not to wear lotion. That fresh-from-the-bath scent got me so addicted to Pervil Green Papaya Whitening Lotion. My auntie noticed that as well so she bought this lotion too haha.

I also like how lightweight this product is. I don't mind using this product even in a hot weather because it literally feels just like your skin not to mention that it has the SPF of 30. It gives my skin enough moisture without giving me that heavy sticky feeling which I super hate. I mean who loves it? Duhhh! Anyway, I noticed that it also gives instant glow and whitening on my skin upon application. Thought, it's incomparable to other instant whitening lotions, this one provides just a very natural glow.

As per whitening, I noticed that my skin is getting whiter. You know the look of our skin right after taking shower? It's whiter diba? I noticed that my skin looks just like that. I feel like its papaya extract is potent as it really whitens my skin and it's also in the first 5 on the ingredients list.

To be honest, I am just not a fan of its packaging. It looks very simple with just some stickers embracing the bottle. I hope they can do something about it because this product is really promising and it deserves to be displayed on our local drugstores nationwide.

I heard that they are on a process of redoing the packaging of their products for improvement. That's actually a good thing and I am looking forward to seeing the new face of this amazing lotion. I just hope they will not change the formulation of this product because I'm seriously loving it.

What I like:

  1. Refreshing smell
  2. Effective as per whitening
  3. Gives instant glow upon application
  4. SPF 30
  5. Lightweight
  6. Moistuirizing
  7. Trusted cosmetic company

What I don't like:
  1. Not available in drugstores
  2. Packaging
  3. Has parabens
  4. A little pricey but sulit naman

So there you go guys! I hope this short review for another whitening lotion brand helps you. All in all, I recommend this lotion to you my #VanityFriends if you are looking for a new lotion to try. This lotion is true to its promises.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by the brand mentioned above. This time, I personally bought the product from my own pocket because I liked the previous products they sent me. All the views and statement were solely based on my experience and personal opinion about the product. Please take this review with a pinch of salt. Thanks! :)

How about you? What's your favorite whitening lotion? I really wanna know so drop your comments and questions below and I'll answer them as soon as I can. :)

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