Snippet Media Launches the "X" Space for Bloggers

During the launch of SnippetX (Thursday, August 10 @ Yes Please, BGC), the founder Kitson Kho, explained to us how Snippet Media works and how did they come up with the idea of building the SnippetX for bloggers. Technically, their goal is to make blogging better and wider. Aside from the country's top bloggers, other models and celebrities were also spotted during the launch.

In the last five years, we have seen the dramatic rise of the influence of social media and blogging all over the world. From training their sights solely on celebrities, brands have shifted their attention to influencers and bloggers to market their brand and their products. That's undeniable! I am always disclosing to you guys if the post is sponsored or not and if you are following this humble blog for quite some time now, you know for sure that I always give my honest opinion regardless if it is sponsored or not.

Here in the Philippines, apart from being a medium of creative self-expression for many Filipinos, blogging has become an effective tool in communicating—from promoting the Philippines and what the country has to offer, to influencing and shaping opinions about particular issues and society in general.

With this in mind, Filipino technology company SnippetMEdia, creator of the mobile app SnippetMEdia (which I am using and loving), has decided to take blogging a step further by creating a new platform to cater exclusively to bloggers and independent content creators—SnippetX. 

The check shows how much investment they put in to build the SnippetX
SnippetX is a new platform in SnippetMEdia that brings a whole new dimension to news aggregation by providing unique access to stories written by local and international content creators on topics users are most interested in. I personally signed the application form to be part of SnippetX during their launch so I am hoping that our humble blog will be chosen because it will be a great platform to showcase my creations.

“Whether it’s about travel, fashion, food or technology, Filipinos will now have access to a multitude of stories written by Pinoy bloggers all in one click,” Kitson Kho, founder and chairman of SnippetMEdia said.

So you may be wondering how does SnippetX work?

Kho likens SnippetX to a hub, where content from bloggers and freelance writers can be accessed by readers through the app. With SnippetX, online content creators can maximize the impact of their stories and keep readers engaged with the stories they want to see and follow.

“People are on their smartphones for a good number of hours every day. Being in a mobile app opens opportunities to reach a more captive and responsive audience through targeting and better recommended stories,” he explains.

“SnippetMEdia makes reading and discovering online content easier by saving the users the time and effort in finding what they want to read among a multitude of sources,” stresses Kho. “And now with SnippetX, SnippetMEdia brings a whole new dimension to news aggregation by providing unique access to stories written by Filipino online content creators on topics users are most interested in,” he adds.

Donwload the SnippetMedia App now on Google Play and App Store for FREE! :) For more information, visit

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