Soft Laser Peel experience at O2 Skin Laser Center

Soft laser peel is an FDA certified procedure using 1064nm wavelength which safely stimulates epidermal renewal and collagen synthesis. It effectively minimizes pore size and promotes acne recovery by targeting the bacteria found in acne and reducing sebum production. It also promotes skin tightening.

This procedure includes facial cleansing, pricking, the carbon masking, soft laser itself, relaxing charcoal facial mask, and pimple injection. To be honest, it wasn't painful at all. I have low pain tolerance so you are assured that it doesn't hurt, you'll just hear a bothering sound but it only means the laser is working its way to make you more beautiful. :)

Where to avail?

How much?

P6,000 per session

How many sessions needed?

A minimum of three sessions is needed to see visible effects.

Is it worth it?

After my first treatment, I noticed that my pores tightened a bit and the oil production in my T-zone area were lessened. I can see the benefits up until now since the effect of this treatment is for a long time.

Who is O2 Laser Skin Center?

Established in 2006, O2 Laser Skin Center provides the latest facial care & laser derma services. It already has good reputation to the Korean and Japanese community through providing vitamin facial care which is vital lonzyme and latest cutting edge laser derma services such as fractional laser for skin tightening and Laser toning for Melasma.

Where to find them?

Ground Unit A, Waypoint Building,
4 Bayani Road, AFPOVAI, Taguig City 1634

Call: (02) 512-8315

I documented my entire Soft Laser Peel experience at O2 Skin Laser Center via video blog. I know you guys are excited to see so here it is:

Disclaimer: I received free services from O2 Laser Skin Center but I am not paid to do this vlog. It's my personal discretion to upload a video and share you my experience. You know how honest I am in giving you my thoughts and opinion about the products and services I am trying. It is still best to consult them or your local dermatologist first before availing any treatment.

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