The Most Popular YouTube Ads In the Philippines during Jan-June 2017

Google released its YouTube Ads leaderboard for the first half of 2017. The list represents the top 10 ads on YouTube in the Philippines that resonated most with audiences across the country during January to June and celebrates the brands that performed best among Filipino audiences through a combination of popularity and promotion. This is the 8th time Google has release an ads leaderboard in the Philippines.

This list shows what brands can achieve through the creativity and power of online video. It’s often assumed that attention spans are getting shorter, with multiple distractions vying for people’s attention. But with Filipinos choosing to watch ads of over three minutes long— many times over—it shows that if brands have the right message, consumers will pay attention.

What brands have realised is that on YouTube what matters most is telling a good story. Their extremely touching tale of friendship and acceptance is first and foremost an emotional story, with branded messages kept to a minimum at the end of the video.

1. #CreateCourage -Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2:02 Duration Minutes)

2. Kaya Niya, Kaya Mo (1:17 Duration Minutes)

3. NESFRUTA Buko? WhyNot, Coconut! | NESFRUTA | Nestlé PH (0:30 Duration minutes)

6. The Boy Who Loves toStudy (3:20 Duration minutes)

7. Kwentong JollibeeValentine Series: Crush (2:55 Duration minutes)

9. Make meaningfulconnections like never before. (1:00 Duration minutes)

10. Ang Regalo ni Lolo (2:51 Duration minutes)

Other top trends from the leaderboard:

YouTube enables marketers to capture audience interest with the power of sight, sound and motion. The list shows the importance of being seen (or “viewability”) and being heard (“audibility”) and on YouTube ads are 93% viewable and 95% audible. The list clearly shows that Filipino brands understand the power of:

Valuing values. These ads are remarkable for reflecting Filipinos’ strong sense of community and shared values. With Globe’s ad promoting courage and Jollibee celebrating generosity and gratitude, brands know that if they want their audience to care, they have to share their values and appealing to Filipinos’ sense of community spirit is a great way to demonstrate this.

Family ties. Similar to the “values” point, family means a great deal in the Philippines and brands have realised this with 4 out of ten of the ads using stories that play on this theme including McDonald’s story of a mother and son persevering and Smart’s tale of a son sharing his adventures with his sick mother.

Catchy tunes. Music videos are hugely popular on YouTube so it’s no surprise that 7 out of the ten ads play more like music videos than ads with music in many cases doing most of the storytelling.

Gabby Roxas, Country Marketing Manager for Google Philippines said, “In this, our 8th leaderboard, brands earned the attention of Filipinos, many times over. The Leaderboard highlights the most watched ads on YouTube in the Philippines and is a great snapshot of Filipino creativity and storytelling ability. The range and quality is outstanding and it’s great to see all the brands on the list doing so well.”

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