GMA Bloggers' Style Camp 2017

Bloggers’ Style Camp is an artist building fashion photography competition which involves GMA Networks artists along with the country’s top entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers. It also aims to strengthen the relationship of GMA with its online influencers through campaigning socially relevant advocacies. Each team had a roster of stylists, fashion and entertainment bloggers, as well as hair and makeup artists to come up with the campaign.

Last year, I was part of the winning team so this year's a little bit heavy for me and my teammates (Raiza Contawi, Princess Angeles, Raf Juane, Nina Rayos, John Michael Bueno, Michael Byx Almacen, Kate Adajar, Gracee Bongolan, and Rocky Chua Batara.

We brainstormed and conceptualized our campaign based on this year's theme which is about being a hero and fight against bullying—not only online but bullying in general. We decided to make our campaign simple yet very expressive, just like you and me, we are just a simple citizen of this nation but little did we know, there's a hero inside us and we can actually do something to eradicate bullying and spread love and heroism online and offline.

Here are some snippets of what happened behind the scene:

After that daylong pictorial and conceptualization we can now finally taste the juice of our creativity as GMA releases the final outcome of both team's concepts. By the way, I belong to team Rainbow and here's our work:

The image symbolizes heroism and bravery in every individual no matter what your current economic and social status.

Together, we can use our voices to be a hero and fight against bullying. Vote for Team Rainbow now be visiting: "Click here". Let us spread love, positivity, and happiness, let's choose #HeartOverHate!

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