How I Cleared My Acne in just 20 Days?

I have been receiving a lot of compliments recently that my face is getting flawless, it makes me happy because I had been battling for acne for the longest time. I rarely see my face acne-free and to be honest, I am not sure how long the effect will last. I'm just enjoying this moment though because who knows I might get acne breakout soon right? But I'm crossing my fingers very tightly for that not to happen. Please NO!! :D

How I Cleared My Acne in just 20 Days?

Product used?
Finessa Regimen Set

Finessa Regimen Set is made from the purest and finest ingredients that effectively helps to achieve a younger and lighter complexion. The Regimen Set includes: Gentle Soap, Gentle Toner, Radiance Cream, Blemish free cream and Sun Protect with SPF 30. Its active ingredients are: Hydroquinone and Tretinoin.

Where to buy?

How much?

At first, I was thinking twice if I should give this product a go because I have tried different anti-acne sets and some of them gave me temporary but decent enough results. I was thinking if this product will make a difference and turn my face from sandpaper into a clean canvas. Another thing that I was considering is the ingredients. It contains hydroquinone and tretinoin which aren't good for long term use. Why? Because excessive usage of hydroquinone can result to skin burning, black discoloration, and many more.

Since I know my skin type and condition, I braved myself and gave this product a shot! Here's a tip: make sure that you know the ingredients and possible effects of each products you're using to avoid getting your skin into bigger trouble. Another thing that you must know is your skin type, sensitivity and condition. It is still better to consult your dermatologist if you want to undergo any treatment for your face. In my case, I consulted the resident dermatologist of Finessa Aesthetica Timog branch.

The Finessa Regimen Set contains: Kojic Acid soap, Gentle toner, Blemish-free cream (Hydroquinone), Radiance Cream (1% Tretinoin), and sunblock with SPF 30.

I documented my journey using the Finessa Regimen Set for 20 days. Please watch this video:

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