#VRPTurns3 Meet and Greet Winners

I wanna celebrate my third blogging and first YouTube anniversary with you guys! Of course, all of the attendees will receive different whitening and skincare products from our partner brands. Also, we will be celebrating this special event with the Children of House of Refuge.

Blogging has been helping me in so many ways so I wanna give back as my way of saying thanks for all the blessings. First, we will conduct a charity event at the House of Refuge in Project 8, Quezon City. After that, we'll have an afterparty at Dong Juan Mother Ignacia. Dong Juan will be sponsoring our venue for us to bond and know each other more. Please like Dong Juan on Facebook.

As promised, I'll choose 20 winners from our Facebook contest who can join me in this special celebration. Congratulations to:

Top 5:

Bianne Rico De Ocampo
Sarah Andrade
Janver Saquilayan
Liza Ferrer
Kateleen Joy Rimando

Top 20:
  1. Lily Cruz (haha)
  2. Gerome Conception
  3. Wheng Francisco
  4. Maj Vill
  5. Aaron Tolentino
  6. She Ryl
  7. Michelle De Guia Ereno
  8. Pao Pao Payos
  9. Baby Jhane Reveral
  10. Rikatrina Bajacan
  11. Allana Pascual
  12. Arleen Oboguin
  13. Kristel Garcia Decamotan
  14. Ivan Patrick Compansano
  15. Yuna Kai
  16. Ira Vianne
  17. Sesset Rerref
  18. Unico Rico
  19. Angelie Namindang
  20. Crissel Ann D Matias
I wanna express my sweetest thanks to our partner brands:

Thank you so much for making this 3rd blogging anniversary meaningful. May God bless you more! :)

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