Thanks, 2017! Hello, Healthier and More Prosperous 2018!

I am a bit late in sharing you this obligatory yearly essay that I have started last year (My first yearly essay was corrupted for some reasons so I reverted it to draft). If you are new here on my blog, I'm just basically doing this yearly essay because I want to share you a few slices of my yearly pie and what's cooking for the coming year.

So here, I just wanna share you the highlights of my 2017 and my not-so-favorite moments

I want to start with my not-so-favorite moments:

• Me and my partner almost broke up because of the challenges in our relationship
• One brand (Glutathione Online Shop) which I treated the owner as my true friend, cancelled her partnership with my blog in a very unprofessional way. This was really ridiculous!
• December 13, 2017 10:07AM, our house was almost eaten by a fire. It was my first time to experience fire and it was one of my most horrifying and unforgettable experiences.
• My sister and her husband flew to Dubai to work again. It's really sad to be away with your family. We were worrying a lot about their lives abroad.

I wanna express my sweet thanks to 2017 because of these things:

• I started doing YouTube videos seriously
• Subscribers started to grow. My goal was to reach 10,000 subscribers before 2017 ends but it didn't happen because I've got 19,000 awesome subscribers before the year ends. Yay!!
• I started earning more because of my blog and YouTube channel
• I was regularized on my writing job abroad
• I traveled to Malaysia and Singapore with Kevin, Joanne, Denver, and Lyn!
• My boss rewarded me with a new HP laptop
• I was able to buy Canon EOS M3
• I was and I am financially growing
• I rarely attacked by my anxiety or panic disorder
• I wasn't hospitalized this year! :)
• Finally passed the stage of nicotine withdrawal because I quit smoking
• I was able to celebrate my birthday and blogging anniversary at the House of Refuge with the help of my #VanityFriends
• Finally met my #VanityFriends at Dong Juan Mother Ignacia (My first Meet and Greet)
• Discovered The Beauty Empire. It's really helping me on my skin problems.
• My sister and her husband went back here in the Philippines for good.
• We celebrated Alijah's birthday in McDonald's Bustillos
• Me and my family went to Manaog and Baguio
• We celebrated the New Year complete
• My relationship with my partner was stronger
• Chosen for the GMA Bloggers' Style Camp 2017
• Met new Blogger and Vlogger friends
• More brands collaborated with me
• Received the Best Blog of 2017 award from
• I started gaining weight (YEY!)
• I have 4 jobs

This 2018 I want to:

To have a proper time management
• More collaborations
• I want to visit a new country with Kevin and friends
• I want to gain more YouTube subscribers (100k) by December 2018
• I want more blessings and good health for me, Kevin and our families
• More projects
• I want to try another business
• I want to save as much money as possible
• Celebrate my birthday again with my #VanityFriends and our chosen charity
• I wanna start running or walking or biking
• I want to be more serious about our future plans and financial goals

Rolled up my sleeves this 2018 for more works and projects.  💪
So there! I just wanna keep you updated my #VanityFriends! You guys can do this too. Go grab your journal or planner and start writing what happened to your past and your future plans. Thank you so much for your constant support and unending love. I wish you a more prosperous new year! Cheers! :)

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