My Skincare Routine using Gluta-C Products

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After seeing amazing result from Flawless First Rejuvenating set (click here for my video review), I braved myself and used the Gluta-C skincare set immediately. Though, I don't recommend this practice because our skin needs rest and recovery. There should be (in my personal opinion) at least one week interval before using another brand. Since I am your human guinea pig, plus I am honestly excited hahaha, I used Gluta-C products right after.

My Skincare Routine using Gluta-C Products

Where to buy?

Lazada. "Click here"
Watsons & SM nationwide

How much?

Toner: P99 (100ml)
Soap: P59 (60g)
Day Cream: P149
Night Serum: P199

To be honest with you, I am super impressed with the packaging of all Gluta-C products. Not only they are really eye-catching, they are also printed with amazing information that you need to know about each products. I personally love reading product description before buying so my highest salute to Gluta-C for disclosing relevant information on the packaging.

When you open one product, you know it's Gluta-C because they have uniform fragrance. And speaking of fragrance, I SUPER love the scent of these products because it's so captivating and it smells—pang mayaman talaga. The fragrance can instantly boost a person's mood because it delivers good vibes.

My Skincare Routine


This is what I use to wash my face day and night. What I like about this soap is, it is not drying and it didn't cause me acne breakout. In fact, it helps in controlling acne buildup on my face.


After cleansing, the second step is to tone my face. Not only it improves skin texture, it also removes excess oils and dirt on my skin. What I like about this toner is this alone is moisturizing. The Gluta-C toner is alcohol-free so it is safe for sensitive skin.


This is a perfect partner if you are always on-the-go because it doubled up as whitening cream and sunblock in one. It is enriched with Vitamins C, E and Shea Butter to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. This one is super moisturizing but it's not heavy. The product dries up quickly and it has a demi-matte finish.


This one is my most favorite because it gives an instant smooth feeling on my skin. After applying the product, my face feels really smooth, soft, and moisturized in no time. Because I'm really obsessed with it, I am using it as my overnight facial mask ahaha. I would put a generous amount on my face before going to bed and I would wake up with glowing and healthy looking skin. This technique might not work for everyone but you can try it. :)

After using this set for few weeks, I noticed a more glowing and pimple-free skin. It is not the fastest in terms of skin whitening but it can be your perfect partner if you have acne-prone skin and you want to achieve lighter and glowing complexion.

Another thing that I appreciate about the brand specifically, is their products are available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. Though, I also love online shopping, it still very convenient to have the product the moment that you wish for it. No shipping time. :)

If you want to watch my full video review about this product, feel free to watch below:

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MNL48 reveals First Generation Members

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The Philippines’ very own version of Japan’s highest-selling all-girl idol group, AKB48, is finally here. After the nationwide search for the first and biggest idol group in the country, Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE), together with ABS-CBN, launched the First Generation members of MNL48 during its first General Election last April 28 on It’s Showtime.

It was a momentous event for both MNL48 finalists and fans who gathered in ABS-CBN’s Studio 4 and Center Road to witness the announcement of the result of the General Election. A total of 72 finalists took part in the election after three months of hard work and dedication, however only 48 aspirants were announced as the first generation members while remaining aspirants where luckily considered as Kenkyuusei (Trainees).

Fans flocked at Studio 4 and Center Road with their stick lights, fan-made banners and shirts to show their support for their Oshi (favorite). Aside from the announcement of the first generation members, fans were also thrilled to find out the ranking of the each member; the Senbatsu (rank 1-16) and the reveal of the Center Girl, who will be the face of MNL48

As soon as the ceremony began, the excitement of fans and the finalists were evident as loud cheers from the audience inside the Studio 4 and Center Road filled the venue. After the MNL48 opening, the announcement of rank 16 to 8 were revealed.

Following the reveal of rank 16 to 8 girls, the much-awaited announcement of rank 7 to 2 and the Center Girl were finally declared. The crowned center girl of this year's election was Sheki while rank 2 and 3 went to Abby and Sela followed by Tin at rank 4, Zen at rank 5, Alice at rank 6, and Trixie joined the Kami 7 (rank 1-7) at rank 7.

The announcement of Senbatsu and Center Girl were televised live on Its’ Showtime while the reveal of Under Girls (rank 17 to 32), Next Girls (rank 22 to 48), and the Kenkyuusei were broadcasted live on MNL48 Online via its official Facebook page and YouTube Channel. The ranking of the MNL48 first Generation were based from the votes they earned on the MNL48 Plus app during the General Election voting period from April 14 to April 27 until 1PM.

Check out the full results below:

01. Sheki

[Senbatsu] (2nd ~ 16th)
02. Abby
03. Sella
04. Tin
05. Zen
06. Alice
07. Trixie
08. Ella
09. Ash
10. Gabb
11. Jem
12. Sayaka
13. Faith
14. Lara
15. Grace
16. Quincy

[Under Girls] (17th ~ 32nd)
17. Alyssa
18. Erica
19. Nice
20. Joyce
21. Kyla
22. Dian
23. Belle
24. Jan
25. Dana
26. Aly
27. Mari
28. Gia
29. Daryll
30. Van
31. Essel
32. Jaydee

[Next Girls]  (33rd ~ 48th)
33. Shaina
34. Kay
35. Ruth
36. Sha
37. Shaira
38. Brei
39. Lei
40. Jewel
41. Hazel
42. Necca
43. Mae
44. Ecka
45. Thea
46. Princess
47. Madie
48. Cess

1. Emz
2. Arol
3. Coleen
4. Rowee
5. Niah
6. Kana
7. Andi
8. Vira
9. Mela
10. Vern
11. Ikee
12. Rans
13. Cassey
14. Karla
15. Laney 
16. Dani
17. Nina
18. Eda
19. Yna

Last April 30, 2018, The MNL48 First Generation girls attended their very first press conference at Hive Hotel and Convention Place in Quezon city. The girls performed an amazing short dance number to brightened up the afternoon. After the performance, the girls smartly answered all the questions of the press and bloggers during the event.

Meanwhile, big opportunities await our MNL48 First Generation. Just like their other sister groups, MNL48 First Generation will be performing daily at their very own MNL48 Theater, will have their music recording under Star Music, and international training under AKS, the prestigious talent management of AKB48, and will be the first Filipino endorsers of Tokyo Girls Collection that will soon open in the Philippines.

To view the complete list of MNL48 First Generation members and their ranking, and for more information visit our website and follow us on our social media accounts.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @mnl48official
YouTube: mnl48

Likas Papaya Whitening Soap Review

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Likas Papaya is one of most popular whitening soaps here in the Philippines that's why I was convinced to try this whitening superstar. Just to make things clear, I tried this product few years ago and I wrote my mini review about it in one of my blog posts. Today, I am going to share you my full detailed review about this herbal whitening soap.

Likas Papaya Herbal Whitening Soap

Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap is the first Filipino pure organic herbal soap. Enriched with Papaya enzyme and blended with tropical herbs to whiten the skin. For clearer and finer skin complexion.


Sodium Palmate, Sodium Pal Stearate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Purified Water, RBD Coconut Oil, Papaya Extract, Vitamin C, Cl 11920

Where to buy?


How much?


I love anything that is herbal because it gives me the peace of mind that the product won't harm my health and skin condition. That's also the reason why I decided to purchase this whitening soap. I am really impressed with the ingredients of Likas because it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. The fragrance of this papaya bar will always remind you that you are using a herbal soap because it smells very organic. No strong scent at all!

One bar of Likas can last up to a month if you are using the product twice a day. Yes, it doesn't melt easily and the product itself is big and heavy. I remembered finishing two bars of this whitening soap and to be honest, I am not so happy with the result. I noticed a more reddish complexion instead of a healthy white—which they are claiming. My skin appeared even darker because of the redness all over my skin. It was a sign that the soap was too strong for my skin to handle. I experienced excessive dryness and itchiness as well. The experience was horrible because I kept on scratching my skin.

I think the product contains pure papaya enzymes making it really effective in exfoliating the skin. However, too much exfoliation can do no good if you have a dry and hypersensitive skin like what I have. Also, this product produces minimal lather making my bath time really boring. It used to be my favorite soap during college days though. :(

On a brighter side, I asked my cousin to try my slightly used (2nd bar) of Likas and it did great on his skin. After few weeks of using the soap, we noticed a whiter complexion and his skin appeared more glowing than before. The good thing was, he didn't experience redness. Though, he told me it was a bit drying on his skin too. Note that my cousin's skin type is oily.

All in all, I will still recommend the Likas Papaya Whitening Soap to you especially if you have oily skin. This product is really easy to find and it contains pure ingredients. However, if you have dry and sensitive skin, please think twice before giving this product a try. You can do a patch test first to see if the product will react to your precious skin. You also need to avoid excessive sun exposure whenever you are using any whitening products.

I made a video review about this product on my YouTube channel:

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Bare Body Essentials Sugar Cold Wax Review

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One of the reasons why I do have fair and smooth underarms is I religiously go to a waxing salon to have my unwanted hair removed. And I think it is a good investment because one of the biggest reasons for dark underarms is shaving or using hair removal creams that contain a lot of harsh chemicals.

My soul rejoiced when Bare Body Essentials contacted me for a collaboration because I have been wanting to try cold waxing since I would normally avail hot wax every salon visit. Bare Body Essentials claims to be the first and original no strip sugar wax in the Philippines.

Bare Body Essentials Sugar Cold Wax Review

Where to buy?

Bare Body Essentials Website "Click here"

How much?


First of all, I am really in love with the packaging of this sugar wax because aside from the container is thick and sturdy, it is also printed with the important information about the product. The wax itself is so easy to get which is very good because I saw some vloggers who tried the product and had a hard time dispensing the wax from its house.

I personally think that the product is in perfect consistency because I didn't have a hard time to knead the product. Spreading the product on your skin is a no-brainer as well. The wax provides immediate moisture once applied on your skin so that is a plus for me especially that I have dry and sensitive skin.

I am not gonna lie, I felt really nervous at first because it was my first time doing it all by myself. To be honest with you, it was not painful at all. It may look terrifying but believe me, it is not painful. It hurts when you pulled the wax but the pain will only last for literally a second. My skin feels moisturized and smoother after pulling the wax. The redness is not that obvious too as compared to hot wax.

In all seriousness, I am loving this cold sugar wax because aside from it is very easy to use, I don't need to brave the traffic of Manila anymore just to visit my favorite waxing salon. I heard that Bare Body Essentials products will be available in retail stores very soon so that is a good news if you are not a fan of online shopping.

I documented my first DIY waxing experience and review via video blog on my YouTube channel. Feel free to watch and subscribe below:

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SoJoMi Gluta Kojic D'Arbutin Whitening Soap & Cream REVIEW

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I am a huge fan of the SCT Gluta Kojic Soap because the product is not harsh on my skin and it does the job in making  my skin whiter and glowing. You can watch my full review about it by clicking here. The maker of SCT Gluta Kojic Soap (Sky Cloud Trading) has recently released their new products called So-Jo-Mi Gluta Kojic D'Arbutin Whitening Soap and So-Jo-Mi Gluta Kojic D'Arbutin Whitening Cream. I immediately tried the products with the hopes that they will also deliver amazing results.

SoJoMi Gluta Kojic D'Arbutin Whitening Soap and Cream

This is a handcrafted non-drying face and body whitening soap effective in the treatment and elimination of dry skin, freckles, acne scars, dark spots, and skin disorders.

Where to buy?

Lazada "Click here"

How much?

Soap: P149 (135g)
Cream: P199 (50ml)

First of all, I want to commend the packaging of these babies because everything that you need to know about the products are clearly printed on the box. Though the carton is not beautifully designed, the knowledge that you can get somehow concealed the not-so-appealing boxes. The soap is beautifully wrapped in a Japanese paper to preserve its pureness. The cream on the other hand is housed in a glass black jar making it look very classy. However, it doesn't come with a spatula or anything that you can use to get the product out. In my case, I'm using my cotton buds to dispense the product because using just my fingers may lead to contamination.

The products have an enchanting smell that will surely make you more excited to try them. I also like the fact that they are made of 90% organic ingredients. It somehow made me feel more comfortable to try this combination. Apart from that, these whitening duo is FDA approved so we are assured of the quality and safety of the products.

I tried this combination for more than a month and I must say that it works! I noticed a whiter and glowing skin as early as my second week of religiously using the products two times a day. My dark spots are still there but the products significantly lightened them so they are not so obvious anymore. Another thing that I like is, SoJoMi somehow stopped my acne breakout. Though I'm still having occasional pimples, but they are controlled. Maybe because both of the products contain Tea Tree Oil which is known to fight acne-causing bacteria.

The selling point of these products for me is the glow they give every morning. I love looking at my face in the mirror after waking up because this combination really does the job in making you look so FRESH and glowing (no exaggeration)!

All in all, I highly recommend these products to you especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin. These babies work really good and they contain very nice organic ingredients. The cream contains SPF 15 making it perfect to wear everyday.  I also created a video review for these products on my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and watch here:

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