SoJoMi Gluta Kojic D'Arbutin Whitening Soap & Cream REVIEW

I am a huge fan of the SCT Gluta Kojic Soap because the product is not harsh on my skin and it does the job in making  my skin whiter and glowing. You can watch my full review about it by clicking here. The maker of SCT Gluta Kojic Soap (Sky Cloud Trading) has recently released their new products called So-Jo-Mi Gluta Kojic D'Arbutin Whitening Soap and So-Jo-Mi Gluta Kojic D'Arbutin Whitening Cream. I immediately tried the products with the hopes that they will also deliver amazing results.

SoJoMi Gluta Kojic D'Arbutin Whitening Soap and Cream

This is a handcrafted non-drying face and body whitening soap effective in the treatment and elimination of dry skin, freckles, acne scars, dark spots, and skin disorders.

Where to buy?

Lazada "Click here"

How much?

Soap: P149 (135g)
Cream: P199 (50ml)

First of all, I want to commend the packaging of these babies because everything that you need to know about the products are clearly printed on the box. Though the carton is not beautifully designed, the knowledge that you can get somehow concealed the not-so-appealing boxes. The soap is beautifully wrapped in a Japanese paper to preserve its pureness. The cream on the other hand is housed in a glass black jar making it look very classy. However, it doesn't come with a spatula or anything that you can use to get the product out. In my case, I'm using my cotton buds to dispense the product because using just my fingers may lead to contamination.

The products have an enchanting smell that will surely make you more excited to try them. I also like the fact that they are made of 90% organic ingredients. It somehow made me feel more comfortable to try this combination. Apart from that, these whitening duo is FDA approved so we are assured of the quality and safety of the products.

I tried this combination for more than a month and I must say that it works! I noticed a whiter and glowing skin as early as my second week of religiously using the products two times a day. My dark spots are still there but the products significantly lightened them so they are not so obvious anymore. Another thing that I like is, SoJoMi somehow stopped my acne breakout. Though I'm still having occasional pimples, but they are controlled. Maybe because both of the products contain Tea Tree Oil which is known to fight acne-causing bacteria.

The selling point of these products for me is the glow they give every morning. I love looking at my face in the mirror after waking up because this combination really does the job in making you look so FRESH and glowing (no exaggeration)!

All in all, I highly recommend these products to you especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin. These babies work really good and they contain very nice organic ingredients. The cream contains SPF 15 making it perfect to wear everyday.  I also created a video review for these products on my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and watch here:

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