Gluta Drip or Sublingual Glutathione? What's best for you?

I always get a bunch of questions from you guys and glutathione is one of your major concerns. Honestly, I am not surprised. I cannot blame you guys since glutathione is really good not only for our skin, but for our overall health as well. That's why the prominence of glutathione nowadays is unstoppable. A lot of new brands and methods are sprouting. Some of you asked for my advice whether you should go for a glutathione drip/gluta iv or sublingual glutathione.

Honestly, it really depends on you. In this blog post, we will consider few things to help you decide. Glutathione products today are really not that cheap. The cheapest glutathione brand I know costs P650 for 30 capsules which is good for 15 days. Still, P650 is a lot of money. So if you are considering Gluta drip, the cheapest that I know is P1,800 per session. Yes, that is just for one session. Usually, the doctor will advice you to take 2-3 sessions per week. So that's about P7,200 per month. Again, that's the cheapest I know. Some clinics have even higher prices ranging from P2,500 to P10,000 per session. A lot of money right?

What about sublingual glutathione? Now, this one's heaven sent because you can get the same benefits and faster effect like in gluta drip in a small tablet in a cheaper price. The only sublingual glutathione product I know that is FDA approved and super effective is Glutaredox. It has 30 tablets good for one month or 15 days for only P2,380. Way cheaper than gluta drip isn't it?

How sublingual glutathione works? Sublingual administration involves placing a drug under your tongue to dissolve and absorb into your blood through the tissue there. So just like gluta drip, sublingual glutathione works faster because it is being delivered to our blood and system directly.

What's the difference? Sublingual glutathione in my own opinion is safer because I am personally afraid of needles. Furthermore, a lot of illegal clinics and therapists are offering gluta iv or drip even without the license to operate. Only few clinics are allowed and licensed to conduct this kind of activity. Also, I know some clinics who are not disclosing the brand of glutathione they will inject you. Like what?? Seriously? You'll pay for a service and product to be injected to your veins without disclosing you all the details about the medicine? A big no! It's your right to ask everything before you pay. With sublingual gluta, you just have to put the tablet under your tongue or beside your cheeks anytime, anywhere, even without a supervision of a nurse or doctor. Super safe!

Where to buy?

How much?

I created a comparison video where I discussed all the details to help you decide. You can watch here:

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