3 Reasons Why the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule is a MUST TRY!

Glutathione is an effective antioxidant. The main effect in using it for skin whitening is most likely a side effect of making the skin lighter as it protects the cells from free radicals responsible for skin pigmentation and blemishes. That's why a lot of us, yes, including me is going gaga when there's a newly released glutathione brand in the country.

The Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule is a neophyte brand here in the Philippines. If you are a glutathione fan, here are some of the reasons why you should be excited to try this product.

1. Great ingredients

Personally, before buying any kind of supplements, the first thing that I'm checking is the ingredients. It is so important that you know every single content of the capsule you are going to take. The Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule contains: 500mg of Glutathione, 150mg of N-Acetylcysteine , 100mg of Vitamin C, and 100mg of Rosehips. What an amazing combination of ingredients to strengthen the immune system and maximum skin whitening.

2. Made in Japan

Yes, you head it right, the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule is made from the land of the rising sun, Japan! As we all know, Japan is one of the primary supplier of glutathione in Asia and around the globe. Based on my experience, Japan made glutathione are really really good! I have reviewed a lot of glutathione brands that are made in Japan.

3. Affordable

The fact that the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule is made in Japan and the line of ingredients are really amazing, I am expecting a higher price point for this new glutathione brand. To my surprise, the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule only retails for ₱1,185.00 per bottle of 60 capsules. What?? Yes! That's incredibly insane! By far, it is one of the most affordable glutathione (60s) available here in the Philippines.

Considering its ingredients, price point, and manufacturer, the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule for me is a must try! Go ahead and snatch it baby and let me know your experience about it because I'm super excited to try it too!

Important Information:

For orders and inquiries, you may message Beauty Glow Essentials on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautyglowessentials/
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