How are UTI's Caused and How Can They be Treated?

What is the meaning of UTI? UTI is an infection that occurs in the uterus of females. The full-form of UTI is Urinary Tract Infection. Nowadays, this is the most common infection that is happening in the uterus of every third girl. When the E.coli bacteria enter the urethra of the females then this urinary tract infection is caused.

What are symptoms of a female suffering from UTI? There are so many symptoms that tell us that the girl is suffering from UTI. Some of the symptoms are mentioned below:

1. A painful and burning sensation is caused when girls go to pee or urinate. This is the first symptom of this infection..

2. Sometimes the urine that is passed is dark, cloudy and bloody with a foul smell.

3. The female suffering from this infection has an intense and frequent need to urinate. This is also the most common problem of this infection.

4. The female suffers from pain in the lower abdomen, pelvic regions and sometimes on the sides also.

5. Fever, vomiting, nausea, and chills are the common problem of every infection. These are also the problems that occur in this infection also.

What do you mean by cystitis? Cystitis term refers to inflammation of the bladder and is also known as a bladder infection. It is a type of urinary tract infection that occurs in the bladder of females. This cystitis occurs when E.coli bacteria enter the urethra and then climbs up the bladder where they bind the bladder, multiplies and cause a serious infection.

How to prevent UTI bacteria? There are so many methods that help out females to prevent these UTI bacteria. Some of the methods for prevention are written below:

1. Post-sex-pee: the female should pee and flush out all the bacteria that have entered the urinary tract during the sex.

2. The females should always wash the pelvic regions when switching off from anal to vaginal sex.

3. To prevent this infection or bacteria females should take showers instead of having the bath.

4. The females should wear cotton undies and should get commando at night so that the air goes into your area.

5. Females can also use UTI prevention drink, pills to cure out this infection.

These above-mentioned are the factors that will help females to cure this Urinary Tract Infection. 

Some pills and drinks that should be used by females to cure out this Urinary Tract Infection are mentioned below:

1. Target Drink-Mix: This is a UTI prevention drink that females should use to cure the infections.

How to take this drink?

Females should mix one packet of this drink in 8-12 ounces of water and they should drink it after sex.

How this drink does help in removing bacteria?

This drink helps in flushing out the new bacteria that have been introduced during the activities, like sex. This is how this drink helps out ladies to cure UTI’s.

2. Control daily capsules: This is daily UTI prevention pill that will help out ladies to cure the infection. 

How to take the pills?

Females should take two capsules daily with water.

How these capsules remove the bacteria? 

These capsules fight the old bacteria so that there is no multiplication of bacteria in the urinary tract. This is how these two medicines help in curing UTI’s.
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