Althea Korea finally launched its own makeup line!

After releasing their very first Althea Velvet powder, I dreamed of other makeup products from Althea because I honestly fell in love with their velvet powder. My heart rejoiced when I heard the news that Althea is finally having their own makeup products and I can't believe that I have them with me, touching and trying them out. It's real! Althea has its own makeup line! OMG!

I tried the product on my face and I love the look that I was able to make using these amazing makeup products. But before I show to you the final look, let me introduce to you my newest babies.


I soooooo love the colors of these lovely cream tints. They are very wearable and can fit even a man's lips. I love thethe natu finish look it gives plus it is very moisturizing. Perfect for dry and chapped lips like mine. They are very pigmented and long lasting. I highly recommend this one!


I live by concealer because it is like a fairy god mother's wand that can instantly transform you from being tired looking to a fresh and glowing prince or princess. What I am looking for a concealer is of course, a great amount of coverage, easy to apply, creamy, not heavy, and lastly, it must have a stunning finish. All of that I found in the Althea Korea's Flawless Creamy Concealer. It instantly brightened my under eyes plus I love that it gives moisture too. That's big bonus for me!


I am not really into palette and I honestly doubted if I can even use this palette that they sent me. After seeing the colors, hearts flashed from my eyes because there are colors that I can actually use and play around. I personally love the light matte brown color because it creates definition and depth to my sparkling eyes. I only use my fingers using this palette and the application is seamless. I also like the fact that it's not chalky. Amazing eye palette I must say! I so love the quality.


Another thing that I thought I can't use. But my creative mind told me that I can actually use this eye glitter so I put a little amount on my tear duct to create an illusion that I'm wide awake and fresh! I so love how it makes my eyes so alive and glowing! It dries really quickly plus it is long wearing.


Since I have an acne-prone and sensitive skin, I need to make sure that I have a smooth canvas before applying makeup. This spot film gel from Althea is a perfect treatment if you have acne and want to put on makeup. It coats the bump to make sure that it won't be affected by makeup while actually healing it to dry really fast. It contains Centella Asiatica and tea tree extract to help fight infection and give skin relief.

As promised, I am going to share you the final look I made using this makeup products. I was able to pull this fresh makeup look and wear it on my Facebook Live session in Lazada.

If you guys want to order these newest makeup products, I highly encourage you to do so by visiting: they are amazing, high quality and skin friendly. :)

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