10 Best Whitening Lotions in the Philippines 2019

What's up VanityFriends! One of the most common questions that I'm receiving on my Instagram: @mjamesperez is what is the best whitening lotion to use? (Aside of course, from what is the best glutathione and how to treat acne and so on.) And to be honest, it is so hard to answer that question because we have different skin types and lifestyles. So, I would normally ask some probing questions before giving my recommendation.

To tell you straight, I am not blessed with all the time to do that in every direct message that I'm receiving because I also have a lot of other things to do. Both personal and work-related matters. So, my brilliant head told me to create a video discussing my recent favorite whitening lotions and let the viewers decide what they'll get.

You got it right! I made a video about the 10 Best Whitening Lotions in the Philippines this 2019 which you can watch here:

For the sake of those who cannot watch the video, here's the list of my top whitening lotion in no particular order:

1. Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Lotion with SPF 25 (P185)

2. Glupa (Glutathione + Papaya) Lotion (P175)

3. Vitapack Whitening Lotion (P525) Buy here: https://bit.ly/2yKdF6g

4. KB Premium Whitening Lotion (P1,800)

5. Vaseline Healthy White Lotion SP24 (P340)

6. Avenine Kojic Bright Lotion (P79)

7. Flawlessly U Papaya + Calamansi Lotion (P50)

8. Silka Papaya Lotion (P70)

9. Skin White Gluta Lotion (P175)

10. Relumins Advance White Lotion (P850)

There are some lotions that I forgot to include like Avon SSS Glutathione lotion and a few more.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, all the views and opinions in the video are based on my personal experience using the products. I always give my fair and honest feedback in every product reviews I'm doing.

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