Fake glutathione supplements and other skin whitening products are rampant online especially here in the Philippines where people love to have fairer skin. The sad thing is, I also see fake products being sold by street vendors and some local stores in Divisoria and Quiapo to be specific.

Using fake or expired whitening products especially supplements like glutathione can lead to a more serious problem not only in our skin but in our health as well. Possible side effects are skin irritation, skin burning, pigmentation, skin diseases, stomach pain, indigestion, diarrhea, and headache to name a few.

Having that said, it is really important for us to be extra careful when buying beauty products online or even in physical stores.

I created a video for you to learn how to spot fake glutathione capsules and how to score the best one! Watch this:

As of now, NuWhite is the glutathione capsule I'm taking and I can confidently recommend this product to you my awesome VanityFriends! Not only it is the most powerful form of glutathione in the world, but it is also reasonably priced so most of us can afford to try it!

If you want to purchase NuWhite, here's the Official Store on Lazada:

There! I hope after watching the video, you can now confidently buy the best authentic glutathione that suites your needs and your budget. If you like this video, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on the notification bell for updates.
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