My Follower's Secret to Whiter Skin

I think it is important for you to hear product reviews from other people as well. So I thought of inviting some of my followers to share their experiences about the products they bought because of my review.

I would normally do it every 3 months in order to give you another fresh content that will surely help you decide if you're thinking to buy the same product.

Recently, I invited my follower named Avie. She's super flawless with fair complexion. She told me that NuWhite is the Glutathione supplement she's currently taking and it's helping her to achieve bright and glowing skin.

Nuwhite aims to address the most common problems that oral glutathione products currently have. Nuwhite introduces A NEW FORM OF GLUTATHIONE into the market which takes oral glutathione to the next level. The S‑Acetyl Glutathione (SAG) used in the formulation will be the first in the Philippines. This is three (3) times more powerful as compared to other available glutathione oral supplements that contain Reduced Glutathione. This new form of glutathione addresses the lower absorption rates of GSH or Reduced L‑Glutathione.

Here are some of the benefits of this powerful glutathione:

1. Its crystalline form optimizes the absorption of S‑Acetyl Glutathione. It is well absorbed and more stable than L‑Glutathione reduced throughout the digestive tract.

2. It has the highest and positive effect on oxidative stress, liver protection, anti-aging, and of course, on skin health.

3. Clinical support shows that EMOTHION SAG directly increases the levels of GSH in the body. This product has been consistency tested versus qualified commercial GSH, both in the pre-clinical and clinical trial, in order to provide evidence of its fast and effective benefits.

Me and Avie discussed our experience and full detailed review in this video:

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If you are interested to order NuWhite, it's available in Lazada:

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