LIFE BY KOJIESAN GLUTATHIONE ANTIOXIDANT DRINK A Celebration of Life and Beautiful Transformations

Experience beauty and wellness like never before with Life by Kojiesan Glutathione Antioxidant Drink, the first ready-to-drink glutathione in the market.

Life by Kojiesan Glutathione Antioxidant Drink is the latest innovation from the beauty brand – Kojiesan, the No.1 kojic acid soap in the Philippines (We all can agree to this for sure!). I have tried a lot of glutathione supplements in the market mostly in pill form and the need to boost its effects by taking additional antioxidants like Vitamin C, Life by Kojiesan Glutathione Antioxidant Drink is infused with sufficient levels of glutathione (250mg), power-dose of fermented pomegranate (5000mg), plus mixed berries, acai berry extract and vitamins C and E – into a healthy, one-shot invigorating drink. The unique, luscious formula saves you from taking additional supplements to be efficiently absorbed by the body. I swear! It's the most tasting beauty drink I have ever tried. So yummy and refreshing! I suggest to put it in the chiller before taking it.

I actually have a full detailed review on my YouTube channel: where I shared my journey taking this innovative beauty drink. 

On its grand reveal, Life by Kojiesan hosted a virtual launch event last August 29, 2020 dubbed, “Cheers to Life: A Celebration of Beauty” simultaneously streamed on Facebook with partners Cosmopolitan Philippines and E-commerce leaders Shopee and Lazada.  With Alex Diaz as host, the event featured beauty icons Bela Padilla, Kylie Verzosa and Lars Pacheco. A milestone in the ‘new normal’ of events – the party gathered more than 50 trendsetters from the beauty, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment industries. Some of the guests include – Toni Sia, Angel Jones, McBride Twins (Sheena and Brigitte), Cosmo Cam Crew, Transistars, Mela Habijan, Icy Mendoza, Divine Lee and the rest of Becky Nights gang, and yours truly. Indeed, a massive celebration of beautiful women – of all kinds.

The online event was watched by thousands of viewers. It was undeniably the blockbuster event of the year!

The celebration talked about how they have re-discovered life in the new normal. They were delighted to share how Life by Kojiesan helped them achieved beautiful transformations from the inside out amidst the challenges everyone went through due to pandemic.

During the live event, they also featured the "Project RED MOB" where Life by Kojiesan surprised people with boxes of Life by Kojiesan Glutathione Antioxidant Drink. Here are some snippets from the video:

Life by Kojiesan Glutathione Antioxidant Drink comes in a box of 8 with an introductory price of Php119.00 per 50ml bottle. For optimum result, it is recommended to be taken daily. I prefer to take it after breakfast because its fruity flavor energizes me.

Check out Watsons and Mercury Drugstores or Shop Online through: Shopee, Lazada, Beauty MNL if you also want to experience this life changing beauty drink!

To Learn More: visit @LifeByKojiesan of FB and IG

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