As a skincare enthusiast, I love talking to people with the same interest and passion as mine. Last February 5, 2021, I was privileged to talk with the internationally renowned skin expert, the beautiful, Ms. Olivia Quido. She's a Filipina who owns OSkin Med Spa located in Cerritos California and another one in Los Angeles.

Apart from having skin clinics, Ms. O also established her own skincare line called Olivia Quido Skincare. This world-famous skincare line was carefully formulated by doctors and experts including, of course, Ms. O herself. And because of the success of her clinic and skincare line, Ms. O also took the opportunity to release her own collection of luxury home pieces named Olivia Quido Home Collections. Her collection is now being sold in luxury stores in the USA such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Martha Stewart Shop to name a few. Like, wow! She's truly an inspiration! isn't she?

During my talk with her, I was able to ask her a few questions and I want to share her answers because I learned a lot from her and I want to share the learnings with you.

How OSkin started?

She said that ever since she was young, she loves anything beautiful including beauty products. When she went abroad, she needed a side hustle so she studied cosmetology, and later on got her license as an esthetician. That's when she started her own clinic. She said she's the happiest whenever she makes someone prettier because of her services and products.

Was it hard to start your own career abroad as a Filipina?

She said that it was indeed hard because of the processes that she had to go through. Also, getting a license abroad was like going through a hole of a needle because of their high and strict standards in the health and beauty industry. But because of her passion, she was able to successfully overcome the challenges.

How's the business during Pandemic?

The clinic was re-opened amidst the pandemic implementing strict health protocols with her advanced equipment for the safety of her clients and staff.

Also, during this challenging time, her beauty products online are continuously blooming as people from around the globe are ordering Olivia Quido Skincare.

What makes Oskin Different?

According to her, once you stepped into her clinic, you will experience a complete pampering session as she will surely satisfy all of your five senses. The first thing that you will see is the beautiful interior of her clinic combined with a relaxing fragrance to calm and make you feel welcome. They also have food and drinks to offer to their guests. Most importantly, their estheticians are well-trained to make you more beautiful or handsome. They went through very strict training to make sure that everything is done perfectly.

As to her skincare products, the edge of her brand is the research and time they put into making each product. It takes them a year or two to develop one product because they want to make sure its efficacy and also they take time to conduct a stability test so people can get the most out of their money.

No wonder, Olivia Quido skincare products are being patronized by beauty queens and Hollywood actors.

Ms. Olivia also shared that the secret to her success is her love for the lord. She shared with us the importance of giving back to the Lord, praising him, and putting him first in everything that we do. I couldn’t agree more! She's indeed a beautiful soul.

If you guys are interest to try Olivia Quido Skincare products, they are available in their official online store:

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram: I am also about to try her products so stay tuned for the full detailed review very soon!

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