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Hi guys! I miss writing here in my blog and I know you miss it too! I hope you guys are having an amazing day as always. I have been really busy juggling work and personal life. But you know me, I will always make time for skincare haha. So today, I will share with you another product review from the brand Hyacinth.
Hyacinth is a growing local skincare brand here in the Philippines. They offer affordable quality products from skincare to body care. They have lots of distributors nationwide and a lot of people are loving their products which is why the brand is creating a buzz in the online world.

As promised, I will share with you my review of the products that I personally picked and tried. Per usual, this will be an honest review because you deserve to know if this brand is worth the hype or not. :)

So let's start with:


Price: P150.00
Size: 135 grams

It is a miracle-healing soap that makes the skin healthy and hydrated. It protects the skin from all types of diseases making it radiant and flawless.

This one is really interesting because it is my first time using a Himalayan salt-based soap. Himalayan salt is believed to help improve circulation and detoxify the skin. This salt can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and even dandruff. I have very dry skin and eczema and yes, this product works.

First of all, for a bar soap, this is not drying. Since I have flaky skin, I avoid using cleansers or soap that is way too drying. Thanks to its ingredients such as coconut and jojoba oil, this soap didn't strip the moisture of my skin. It also contains skin loving ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c,e, glycolic and lactic acid, and tea tree. I even tried on my face and it's good too! This has been an instant fave from the brand! This I recommend if you also have skin issues because it works!

Next is the


Price: P330.00
Size: 300 grams

It is a cocoa butter-infused formula that contains a blend of physical exfoliants. If I am not mistaken, this kind of no-rinse scrub is first in the market. It contains great ingredients such as glycerin, triglycerides, kaolin, glutathione, niacinamide, vitamin c, and vitamin e. Before trying this product, I thought it will be itchy on my skin since it is a no-rinse formula but I was wrong. It feels very comfortable, lightweight, and creamy on the skin. I noticed that my skin is glowing every after use of this product. I also love how my skin is so soft and supple.

This one is great if you want to achieve whiter and glowing skin. It's good for face and body too!


Price: P240.00
Size: 120 ml

This lotion contains brightening ingredients such as vitamin b3 also known as niacinamide, aha or alpha hydroxy acid, and lactic acid. It is also moisturizing because it contains mineral oils.

You know I am a huge fan of body lotion as I featured so much here in our blog already. For someone with very dry skin, this is a must for me. It has everything that I am looking for in a body lotion. It is lightweight, non-sticky, very comfortable on the skin, and smells really good! I honestly enjoy using this lotion and it is part of my nightly routine already.

That's it! Overall, I am so impressed by the brand Hyacinth and it is one of the brands that I can personally recommend if you are looking for affordable yet good-quality skincare products.

Apart from these products that I tried, they also have a lot of great products. You may visit their website https://www.hyacinthglassskin.com/shop or like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyacinthglassskin to order and know more about the brand.

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